Riot Shield is now broken after update

2021.12.07 02:47 Overpowerednoob Riot Shield is now broken after update

You can shoot people through the front of the shield, my recording isn't working right now, but I have tested it multiple times by crouching and facing the enemy and they just shoot the middle of the shield and its like the shield isn't even there. I WAS ALMOST DONE WITH IT :(
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2021.12.07 02:47 Afraid_Gazelle1337 Turn 10/Playground/Whoever really needs to get a community manager

The last patch completely broke the game for me and others. I can't buy a car, tune a car, take a picture, etc without restarting the game all together. I hate to be that guy but I remember when a game just...worked. if they are planning on being a semi live service game then they need to have someone who is active with the community. Just to say hey we found the problem, working on it or looking into it will keep you all posted. The game is a blast when it works and it's okay to expect better.
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2021.12.07 02:47 FallCompetitive7976 07-December I am still here

It is 07-December 05:47. I am stressed.
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2021.12.07 02:47 heinaga1989 Can you make a living with DeFi? | Canary Academy Article

Right folks, it seems like we have covered DEX basics in the first few articles and now it is time for fun. Can you really earn regularly with DeFi? Can it pay your bills so you can focus on whatever you prefer to do? Is it even legitimate to have a regular income without submitting applications and validating your identity?*06OYMGEjmA8w7QKvktODYw.jpeg
The answer to all those questions is affirmative. Now, being cautious we should say that it all depends and blah blah.. having cleared this out we thought it is more important to say that the subject we are going to discuss here has little to do with investing in a token with seemingly high potential and wait till the price shoots up. This is called investing and requires ‘do your own research’ (DYOR) and due diligence and a hefty cake of luck.
The topic we are raising here relates to a sustainable way of earning regularly with little dependence on luck. This can be compared to a regular job — you do something and you get paid. If you’re looking for an advice how to make 60,000% gains within a month or even a year — we are sorry but this is not what you’ll find here. Current (it is important to use word ‘current’ and we’ll explain why later) DeFi landscape allows to employ your capital (sorry, you’ll need capital) at 50% and most likely more of annual return without needing luck. In fact, in DeFi too much of luck might play a bad joke on you in some cases. Thus better save it for something else.
So how do you earn with DEX? You lend your capital, assets, tokens and you get paid for that.
Very funny. How it is different from me lending money to a bank? The return rate. You see, Decentralised Finance is called like that because there is no Centre, there is no authority, i.e. middleman you need to pay for their services. Blockchain takes the role of the authority to validate things and the blockchain does not need a house, Lambo or Rolex and all this is left to you. We covered this subject in the previous article where we detailed the difference between DEX and CEX. So you can tap into what used to be the banks’ share. Heck, you become a private banker in a sense.
You can say that DeFi is the finance system fuelled by people that serves people. You can fuel it by providing liquidity if you have one. More about liquidity — what is it, why and how it is provided in DeFi — can be found here. Providing liquidity gives you an opportunity to earn from two sources:

Commission fee is usually 0.3% of the value of the trade made by people. Once you provided liquidity, your tokens now participate in all swaps made at DEX. Obviously the absolute amount of the income from commission depends of the amount of liquidity you provided. You contribution is added to the overall liquidity pool and 0.3% of the value of all trades is divided amount contributors based on their share. If you contribute 1,000 USD equivalent of tokens into multimillion pool then you should not expect significant income flow from commissions. Canary and other DEXes allow you to see your share that you are contributing during the process of adding liquidity to the pool so you know your stance.
Farming DEX tokens allows you to earn much more comparing to commission fees. All liquidity providers get Liquidity Pool tokens in exchange for the provided liquidity. In case of Canary these CRL tokens. This is a sort of visual proof of your share in the liquidity pool — they appear in your wallet. This amount of LP tokens represents your share in the pool. Each pool has its own unique number of LP tokens which is defined based on the size of pool. Each time someone adds liquidity to the pool, new LP tokens are minted — i.e. your and everyone else’s shares decrease. Every time someone removes liquidity — their LP tokens are burnt — i.e. your and everyone else’s shares increase.
The great thing is that you can stake your LP tokens. And boy this is where you get the most of return. DEXes fight for the liquidity and they attract liquidity providers by offering high returns on staking LP tokens. The range starts from as low as 15% in average and goes up to 400–500% APR depending on the pool and the strategy of a particular DEX. You can see the current APRs at Canary here.
Ok, APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. This percentage shows how much return you will get for staking your LP tokens during a year. If you provide liquidity worth of 1,000 USD and stake LP tokens for 100% APR then it means that you will get 1,000 USD worth of return, i.e. you double your capital. Of course the above is true if the value of tokens remains the same and APR as well.
The thing with APR is that it changes over time. Each pool has an allocated reward amount (‘Pool rate’ in the example below) that is divided between all stakers of LP tokens based on their share of LP tokens. Obviously the more LP tokens of the same pool staked the less share of reward is per LP token. As soon as you stake your LP tokens in the farming pool you will see your reward in DEX tokens per week.*FUsK0Wtw0TYa-EcbGNDdjw.png
Thus you may want to check the APR in the pool from time to time to see if it remains attractive for you. In general we expect that APRs will be gradually decreasing as DeFi ecosystem gets more and more saturated.
Probably by now now you have few questions. Anyone?
Yes, thank you… well, you said that APR stands for annual percentage rate… does it mean I need to wait for a year?
No, you can provide liquidity and stake LP tokens at any point of time and withdraw your accumulated rewards or your LP tokens and provided liquidity anytime at Canary. No bonding periods. APR is a standardised way to show and compare yields across pools and give you an idea of how much you can earn. 200% of APR means you can double your initial capital in 6 months or earn half of it in 3 months (simple math) — again, provided all other conditions remain the same.
I heard APY is better than APR, why do not you give me APY instead of APR?
APY is not better or worse APR. APY is the way to calculate your return if you add your rewards to the original staking amount so in the next cycle of reward calculations the returns will be based on a slightly higher capital (compounded interest). APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield and it is another term for compounded interest. Imagine you staked 100 CRL tokens in the pool with 100% APR for a half of the year. In 6 months time you go to the pool and withdraw everything to get initial 100 CRL tokens back and 50 CRL worth of CNR tokens as a reward (100% APR /12 months * 6 months = 50%) thus ending up with 150 CRL worth of capital. This is simple interest accumulation.
If you bother to withdraw your reward everyday, exchange it into respective tokens, add them into the same pool and add new LP tokens to the staked ones then your capital will grow like this:
100% / 365 days = 0.274% per day Day 1: 0.274% of 100 CRL = 0.274 CRL, you add 0.274 CRL to 100 CRL Day 2: 0.274% of 100.274 CRL = 0.275 CRL, you add 0.275 to 100.274 CRL Day 3: 0.274% of 100.549 = 0.276 CRL, you add… and so on. So what you really do is this: (100 CRL + 100 CRL x 0.274%) x 0.274%) x 0.274%) x … you keep on multiplying by 0.274% 182 times (number of days in 6 months). We can simplify the equation to calculate the compounded interest or APY: 100 CRL x (1+0.274%)¹⁸² = 164 CRL
You get 64 CRL tokens instead of 50 CRL. Thus APY in this case is 64% x 2 (for 12 months) = 128%. As you can see compounding rewards is more profitable. But you need to watch out for the gas fees. Luckily Avalanche offers quite low fees to pursue this approach. There are also pools that offer auto compounding, i.e. you do not need to claim rewards and go through all steps of adding liquidity, everything is done for you by the smart contract therefore you save on fees and hustle.
By the way, you can use this formula yourself to quickly understand APY based on APR and make comparisons of return rates in different pools if they use different approach to show expected rewards:
APY = (1 + AP365 days)³⁶⁵
It’s all good but you get Impermanent Loss for providing liquidity, you cannot fool us!
Well, you are lucky because we happen to have an article about impermanent loss. But quickly — impermanent loss is the possibility to miss the gains from one token in the pair that significantly outgrows the other if you decide to withdraw liquidity exactly in this moment when such outgrowth happens. If you are after sustainable regular income recognising the opportunity to miss the spike in price then you should not worry much. In case you need to withdraw just wait till the moment when the prices of the tokens are in such positions when you can get back initial or close to initial distribution of tokens in the pair.
Also, there are incentivised pools with stable coins (USDT.e, DAI.e, USDC.e) where you are protected from IL. Stable coin does not change in price while if the other token in the pair grows — its amount diminishes but the amount of stable coins grows — i.e. you get less tokens but more stable coins (as if you sold your tokens for stable coins) in case you decide to withdraw. If the price of the token falls then you get more tokens in the pair and less stable coins — again if you withdraw now then you get more tokens than you provided initially which compensates the decrease of stable coins so the overall value of the liquidity in this pool remains relatively stable.
We hope you enjoyed the read and look forward to hearing more from us. We’ll make sure you do not wait too long. Stay tuned!
PS If you wish us to cover a specific question — please leave it in the comments below or ask it in the twitter with the hashtag #CanaryAcademy
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2021.12.07 02:47 BethesduhGameStudios Arcslayer Great Axe bundle code

? = A
Enjoy! Please post if you redeem so I can delete.
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2021.12.07 02:47 Fit_Statistician_523 Im a 23 year old autistic man from Melbourne

Ask me things about aviation Logos Tv indents dogs Cats PlayStation Nintendo Anime Cartoons Sexy female characters on tv games anime cartoon comics or movies Australian media egory tv films radio podcasts games Afl Mma pro wrestling MLB Brands/companies/organisations defunct or still around
Hottest female or make famous people eg wrestlers sports stars singers actors and actresses Australian celebrities and royals
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2021.12.07 02:47 Some_Opportunity7510 45 [M4F] Let's kik it

Just looking to meet some new peeps before bed. Hmu. Let's kik it
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2021.12.07 02:47 Anurag2199 Clear winner

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2021.12.07 02:47 pokemist Another example of Japan denying and glorifying their war crimes

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2021.12.07 02:47 Magnesium360 WTB Necro Torch 10-15/15. Offering Gul + Pul

WTB Necro Torch 10-15/15. Offering Gul + Pul.
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2021.12.07 02:47 ic___fl21 Super League Gaming ANNouncements: Marketing & Sales teams are growing.....and does that say NFT's?? 👀

Super League Gaming ANNouncements: Marketing & Sales teams are growing.....and does that say NFT's?? 👀 Slugggs, slgg just posted two new positions- Growing Sales and Marketing.

Brrrrrrrrrr 🚀 LFG
Partner Marketing Manager:
Uhhhhhh Wut?! NFTs 👀
Creative Marketing Associate:
Going after more big brands, explaining the Metaverse to all demographics. On point with Ann's interview today
Its great to see them adding to their marketing team, with a focus on how to target brands that may be hesitant or misunderstand what the metaverse is.
Slgg is hitting their stride on who they are as a company and how they will continue to generate revenue.
Can't wait to see how they will use NFTs with their tech.
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2021.12.07 02:47 ChicxulubX :v

ok so I just experienced a thing: I went on a server, there was kos people (truth, and two halas). I got killed by them but I don't rlly mind dying so I stayed.
One of the halas were called cookie (their display), and then everyone left the server except for the kos me and cookie.
then the kos went to bed and me and cookie stayed.
turns out cookie was a psycho and commited mass genocide, and threatened to kill me.
I'm pretty chill to dying so yeah, I just chatted with them for a while, they told me about their life which was fun to listen to.
and then we both left.
story over, now go to bed or the boogey man will come for your souls children (no no am joking, mods, spare me lol)
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2021.12.07 02:47 ThatOneIvy I'm posting this multiple places to see what people think, had an interesting dream.

So it began with my arriving at this huge college, after recently transferring there after loosing contact with my mother and breaking up with my current boyfriend 8 months before.
The 8 month thing is relevant because in my dream I was 8 months pregnant, belly and everything, super vivid.
I get a call from my mother as soon as I arrive, saying that I haven't called in almost a year and how she's still mad at me for "ruining my own life"
Alright, cool, got yelled at and have to deal with late pregnancy all alone in my dream, perfect.
I go through the rest of my day, getting settled in my new dorm room, and going to pick up my textbooks, and that's when I start getting a bit dizzy, thats right, morning sickness in a dream, I nearly pass out but someone catches me. It's my ex/ real life current boyfriend. He looks me up and down with this sheepish look on his face and then stops when his eyes land on my belly.
"How, uh... how long?"
"8 months."
"Then it's-"
"Why didn't I-"
"You blocked my number."
Short conversation, weirdly realistic, then, boom. Water breaks, boyfriends best freind appears out of nowhere, and suddenly my ex/ current boyfriend, best freind and I are speeding to the hospital while I have actual, painful contractions, whoever said you don't feel pain in dreams is a filthy lier. Then, I have a contraction so bad I wake up screaming, scaring the absolute shit out of my dog and myself.
I actually tried to go back to sleep to finish it. But that was the end, shame cause I was a bit invested.
Anyways, thoughts?
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2021.12.07 02:47 mikec215 Why aren’t boba fett shards in the conquest jaws shard shop locations

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2021.12.07 02:47 ZoolShop Elon Musk Comes Out Against Federal Electric-Vehicle Spending

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2021.12.07 02:47 Ill-Bank-6612 How to Apply Kirchhoff's Law

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2021.12.07 02:47 Ok-Echo-4424 Developing feelings for a friend who only sees me as friend while being a long distance relationship with someone else

I really really like my boyfriend but we are in a long distance relationship.
I have friend who I have always had feelings for but he is clear that only sees be as a friend. When I gotten into a relationship with my current boyfriend I thought the feelings for my friend were gone.
My friend visited me recently for a long weekend and those feelings came back. I didn’t act on them and we just had a good time as friends but I definitely wanted more.
What should I do?
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2021.12.07 02:47 WarOtherwise6873 Beginner Here - Needing Advice :)

Hi Guys,

Im really interested in witchcraft and want to learn so much more. I have started with learning how to read natal charts and growing my own herbs for spells, and many more.

How did you start and do you have any advice.
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2021.12.07 02:47 Waste_Speaker1265 sub boy looking for a sugar daddy that gets me girly clothes and gets me a chastity ill be your perfect sub

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2021.12.07 02:47 Edothail Am I (22F) thinking too much over my (24M) boyfriend liking photos of girls with very little clothes on insta?

I will start with this is my first ever post and I’m sorry if it’s not formatted correctly or very long.
[Backstory] When we first were talking he had been following so many half naked girls on instagram that his excuse when I told him it made me feel uncomfortable was “I’ve been single and doing this for a while”. So I left it alone thinking that maybe I was the problem since this was so natural to him.
(This is a almost 2 year relationship now)
The problems start about 2 months ago. When he was closing his apps on his phone I saw a half naked girl there on Instagram and felt very uncomfortable. I have a really hard time talking about my feelings in person so I looked on Instagram at his followers and saw how many half naked girls he followed (I know I should not have done this in the first place).
I saw that he was liking every single one of each of their photos (it must’ve been 10+ people). That made me uncomfortable so I told him about that in not the best way, and he said he would stop doing that.
About a week or so later I looked again and he was still liking photos of girls that are half naked and I got very upset. I told him how it made me feel and he got defensive saying he will just unfollow all girls. I told him that’s not what I meant and he said he would stop liking their photos. After a while he said he “understood” my feelings.
Now the problem is, recently I saw another girl as he closed his phone but he didn’t like it. He is still searching them and looking at them on Instagram even after I told him how it makes me feel.
Am I just thinking about this too much? Am I wrong for feeling like he should stop liking those types of photos on Instagram? My friend tells me I cannot force him to stop and I understand her view but I feel as though my bf should respect how I feel. I have been feeling very torn over this and I don’t want to bring it up again to him incase I am just being too emotional over this.
Also if I am wrong, what can I do to make myself feel better about it?
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2021.12.07 02:47 funny_flower mental stability here i come!

figured out today that I can swap my physics mechanics course for an english elective I really wanted to take without affecting college chances (same schedule rigor, sociology major who has done post-AP-level science already). now I will a) take a course load I actually like and b) not need to pull all-nighters to finish PSETs.
yay:) just wanted to share this little moment of happiness w/a2c. please prioritize sleep y'all. it will actually get better if you do.
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2021.12.07 02:47 badgerprof Looooook into my eyes.... you are feeling the urge to pettttttt meeeeee......

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2021.12.07 02:47 warmholewarmsoul am i shadowbanned?

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2021.12.07 02:47 Aggressive-Customer1 Is the ability to experience trauma an evolutionary advantage or a bi-product of evolution?

Is our ability to experience trauma - for potentially very long periods of time - a trait that was chosen as an evolutionary advantage (maximizes the possibility of survival) or is it merely something that exists? By just existing, I mean, that the human brain just isn't strong enough to withstand long-lasting or very intense stress reactions and we burn out?
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2021.12.07 02:47 Mistyfect Is this a bug in Armag's fight?

So I was fighting against Armag and was having a hard time, I eventually used the "web" spell, but he wiped my team beside Tristian with a heavy crossbow. I was running around the web where Armag got caught many times, but the ranged skelly where slowly lowering Tristian's health, so after a bunch of scrolls and potions, I used an invisibility potion.
And here is where I wonder if this is a bug or a "feature". Essentially, the fight ended and Armag became passive. Then he started talking to my team as if we removed his curse/beat him.
Is this suppose to happen? Or did the use of the invisibility potion made it seem as if all my team was gone or something?
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