Gonna have period for colonoscopy

2021.12.07 01:57 Wishmunk Gonna have period for colonoscopy

Mad about it lol
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2021.12.07 01:57 TheLastParade Those food takes will unite all leftists.

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2021.12.07 01:57 alli8591 Companion pass question

My fiancé and I have the companion pass (I’m the companion). We have an upcoming flight that he can no longer make. He didn’t cancel the flight because we didn’t want it to affect my ticket. My question is should I tell the gate agent he’s not coming? I’m worried they will not let me board or something if he’s not there. Thanks
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2021.12.07 01:57 beatboy1975 Thousands of twigs built the nest.

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2021.12.07 01:57 detestablescumbag I was watching this video and couldn't help but notice some weird colors and detail problems. What is going on here? I'll put a link to the video in the comments

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2021.12.07 01:57 leolalone [LF] Decorated Pillar DIY [FT] Bells / NMT!!

Name your price! Thank you!!!
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2021.12.07 01:57 MethodFancy6087 Pet sorts in PvP

Hey all. Just wanted to see what the publics opinion is on sorc pets being hitable in PvP. Should they be un targetable like werewolf pets?
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2021.12.07 01:57 hamgpill Simple Question on Offline Policy Gradient : from CS285 lecture 5, part 4

in the slide where the video is starting, he says :
"since the importance weight is decaying to 0 exponentially fast, the variance is reaching infinite exponentially fast."
Considering the context of the video, the high variance should have something to do with the importance factor converging to 0 exponentially fast, but I can't explicitly say how the connection between two is made.
I would appreciate if you give me some advice, or recommended readings.
Thank you
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2021.12.07 01:57 ganonred Surprisingly based answers in part

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2021.12.07 01:57 telex_bot Kommunista forradalmárokból állt a japán underground legmisztikusabb együttese

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2021.12.07 01:57 homogarbage Losing followers because they’ve been banned

I lose followers all the time and I checked my followers list today, literally hundreds of them have been banned. It’s crazy to see the scale of bans and I wonder if I’m losing followers because they’ve all been banned, TikTok needs to 🛑
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2021.12.07 01:57 uniquestarr Cringe but I didn’t care at this point

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2021.12.07 01:57 MathewSK81 [Highlight] CP3 with the clutch block/strip on Dejounte Murray

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2021.12.07 01:57 SufficientCricket360 I received a booster shot and think I may have had Covid at the time. Should I worry about anything?

I’m a healthy 155 pound, 5’10, 26 year old Male with no health issues in the US. I have 3 doses of Pfizer. I was boostered on Thursday. I had a little bit of congestion that day but didn’t think much of it and assumed I just had a bad night of sleep. I do jiu jitsu and I’m guessing I was exposed last Monday. Today I tested positive after having some symptoms over the weekend. I had a 102 fever, sinus pressure, congestion, a cough, and a migraine. I think some of it may have been from the vaccine. I still have a cough, sinus pressure, and some fatigue. Is there anything I should worry about from getting vaccinated while potentially having covid?
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2021.12.07 01:57 Realistic-Hamster-81 Thoughts on Urea Shortage and possible companies to invest in?

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2021.12.07 01:57 Truth_Speaker_1 The ominous signals Putin is sending

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2021.12.07 01:57 I_BaneZ Whiskey's tent

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2021.12.07 01:57 Specialist_Ad3890 Weird question: Is it weird to have a favourite outfit your crush wears?

I have a crush on this girl that sometimes wears a specific set of clothes that make her look cute & hot and is my fav outfit she wears. Am I weird for thinking this?
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2021.12.07 01:57 fredmemer ما هممون جوکیم!

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2021.12.07 01:57 SquallFromGarden Halo MCC now Vs. Infinite MP: An Oldf**'s perspective

I've played Halo for 11 years at this point. Played since 2010 starting with Halo 3 and I've played every one since. After the minor letdown of Halo 4 and the MAJOR letdown of Halo 5, I had my hopes up for Halo Infinite, I really did, but with the way the game looks with 5+1 years of development and how everything but the gameplay seems botched for some reason or another, the mess has left me a little nostalgic.
I went though my old Service Records, seeing what I'd accomplished, and remembering the fun (and frustration, I'll be honest) with playing Halo 3 and Reach. I then redownloaded MCC onto my PC to go see if I could find out why I loved Halo so much. A few games of BTB, Slayer, a couple Action Sack games, and a game of Grifball later, and I found out why;
Halo 3 just had **so much shit to do in it, and it was just fuckin' fun.**
The maps, the weapons, the modes, nearly all of it as it was and ready to go at launch (albeit Splockets and Grifball was added later, but the fact that Bungie was willing to pop these modes in without too much thought because they didn't realize what the community would do with Forge and Custom Games says how they embraced the people who made them big, not treat them with vague contempt).
But playing Halo 3 for a while and seeing what made Halo great back then is only half of what caught me. The other half was seeing what MCC had become while I wasn't looking. The challenges they offer to do are somewhat reasonable. They rotate, but they're not impossible to do because you can queue for any kind of playlist to do them as you need to. Even better? There's a bunch of "Seasons" that are totally free. Even-even better? The XP you gain from playing the games and completing challenges doesn't level a Season directly. Rather, it gives you a "Season Point" that you can toss anywhere you want, into any Season's rewards that you want. The only catch is that you can only put that Point towards a reward in a tab you're currently "on", and to unlock the next tab, you need to unlock all the rewards on that tab in that Season. Not a bad system, and the Seasons are broken down into certain themes so you can only work towards Halo CE stuff, or Halo 3/4 stuff, etc.
Now I know MCC didn't start that way, absolutely not, but what gets me the most is how 343 had something **perfect** in the realm of everything that wasn't gameplay **and somehow decided not to use any of it**, deciding to paywall-lock customization, hard-limit playlist offerings because it would "mess with their finely-tuned progression systems", or "servers cost money", etc.
The thing about Halo is that for the series' life since 3, unlocking customizations and levelling up as a player is one half of a perfect MP formula, with well-tuned gameplay rounding everything out. When one of these two elements is out of balance, it makes the game feel less like a Halo title, especially when we don't get to just Splatter people to new shoulders, or get a few thousand Gamerscore for bugged shoulders that may or may not unlock at 1000 or even 750 Gamescore. No, we have to pay for it in more ways than one.
I've given Infinite and 343 a lot of shit over the last couple weeks because of the non-gameplay state of the game, same as anyone else has, but my little trip through the golden age of Halo made me realize that 343, even working with extra time and a cheat sheet in MCC, somehow managed to **still** flub this release. If you're angry, stay angry, because the company charged with making you happy with their product dropped the ball so hard that it hit with the force of a Gravity Hammer, even when they have everything to lose and unlimited resources and ideas to work with, and they chose the "cheap bastard" option.
[Sorry if this seems rambly, I didn;t structure this essay at all, just started writing after a nostalgia high and wondering what the fuck went wrong]
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2021.12.07 01:57 Ziggyziggy22 It’s time for moon rabbit to show some actions. Let’s spread the word. We need a stronger community

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2021.12.07 01:57 Equivalent-Hair-961 Noticed an STD t-shirt on Wish dot com and I think it might tell us something about how long the show might run…

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2021.12.07 01:57 moistman23 LF: english shiny event zacian FT: japanese shiny event zacian

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2021.12.07 01:57 DiamondPawz204 If we wanna be rich we must all work together amd crush these votes

We must Vote Vote Vote we are barely loosing these to come on guys we must win LETS GO VOTE
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2021.12.07 01:57 limtc Apple Watch cellular battery life?

I have been using Apple Watch WiFi version (now Series 5) and satisfied with the battery life.
Thinking of getting a S7 or SE Cellular... can it last one day? I don't have any experience but my friend says only a few hours under normal use.
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