Was prescribed fluoxetine, am scared of taking first dose and long term side effects.

I am taking 5 mg twice a day for A-fib and have been on it for 2 weeks. I'm having side effects and wished I had stayed with aspirin as I didn't have any side effects. I now have a cough that I didn't prior to the medication. Doctor isn't sure how long the side effects will last. In this trial, fluoxetine was initiated at 10 mg/day and titrated to a maximum fixed-dosage of 20 mg/day following the first week of treatment. Fluoxetine demonstrated significant improvement in anxiety symptoms and was generally well-tolerated. Adverse effects reported include nausea, abdominal pain, drowsiness and headaches. Remeron (Mirtazapine) is a tetracyclic antidepressant (TeCA) drug that works primarily by raising levels of norepinephrine and serotonin in the brain. It is generally used to treat major depressive disorder, but is also sometimes prescribed as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), antiemetic, hypnotic, and appetite stimulant medication. For Depression: “I'm on Effexore for Depression, Anxiety, ADHD. 1-4 Weeks The medication the first few weeks is going to make you excessively sleepy. It is just the nature of the beast. During the first few weeks ensure that you are taking the time to get a work out in a few times a week and supplement any lethargy with a bit of caffeine. CBD Oil Drug Interactions – The CYP450 Pathway. Research has begun to demonstrate that cannabidiol (CBD) has the potential to effectively help a large number of people. CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in a way that produces very few unintended side-effects. At 8 weeks I made the decision to go up to 100mg, best decision I have made in a long time. No noticeable side effects for increasing the dose and within a couple of days I was feeling considerably better. If you are struggling still on the 50mg dose, definitely try going up as it made a huge difference to me. Readjust dosage: If you’re experiencing unwanted side effects, it’s possible that you’ve been prescribed too high (or low) of an Armour Thyroid dose. Suboptimal dosing is especially common among those that have been taking Armour Thyroid for a short duration (e.g. less than a few months). If you’re experiencing side effects, but are still early in the process of adjusting ADHD medications, it does not make sense to change the medicine unless those side effects are uncomfortable and persistent. First ask: “How long has this problem been going on?” Most small side effects go away within days or a few weeks. The GI tract side effects first showed up about a year into his original citalopram regimen. It would have been nice if the doctor had informed us that those were tolerance side effects. But when we asked if these symptoms could be due to the SSRI, we were told that the nausea, etc., usually disappear within the first month of initiating the ... If no side effects crop up, then take a half for a week or so and again if no side effects crop up, the next week take 1/4 for a week and then stop. If side effects begin to show up, slow down the taper–say wait two weeks before dropping to the next level. That would get you off it in 1 month, or longer if needed.

2021.12.07 03:09 aurares Was prescribed fluoxetine, am scared of taking first dose and long term side effects.

Been having depressive bouts and anxiety for the last 3 years, it's gotten to the point that all I've done lately is sleep, eat, and watch mind numbing content on the internet. Am currently 20.
I'm mainly scared of long term side effects, and something I read that said that people who took fluoxetine are more likely to relapse into a worse depressive state after having stopped taking fluoxetine down the road. One might say who cares if you take it the rest of your life, well I do. Because apparently long term use causes a 2 fold increased risk for dementia, and I'm already at a higher risk because of my type 1 diabetes.
Didn't think to talk to my doctor about it cause it hadn't occurred to me yet.
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2021.12.07 03:08 zarsala some chemistry memes i made :-)

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2021.12.07 03:08 Soldier_Zombie_123 I broke my record a few days ago (previously 13K), but forgot to post it. I did it while collecting event tokens and I am very happy with my new record (Also, this is my first post here).

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2021.12.07 03:08 Sherphen Hmm, it seems that expedition made me lose my mind.

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2021.12.07 03:08 jamcdonald120 Grafting is a horticultural technique whereby tissues of plants are joined so as to continue their growth together

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2021.12.07 03:08 coolbox Suggestions Needed! I’d like to put a rug under the coffee table in my new apartment. Any ideas on what would make sense with my floor boards/furniture?

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2021.12.07 03:08 Echojhawke West Jordan, call your reps this is disgusting - Man's own defence lawyer conspires with the prosecution and the judge to get him arrested

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2021.12.07 03:08 littlelight-switch Are all starbucks getting a union?

So ive been hearing about this union and im in the nyc area. Will there be a union for all starbucks or just in buffalo ny? Right now we get paid 16.24.
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2021.12.07 03:08 Crailrock Bad Player Gives Up 5 Characters and Tries to Come Back With a Sixth One

The plan was for Rogue and Cleric to lead the frontal assault in the main battle, that way Barbarian, Fighter, and Gunslinger could sneak in the city. Barbarian and Fighter have wings so they could fly over the walls carrying Gunslinger while the main forces were distracted, and we could sneak in and try and capture the mayor. Now I do know the old adage, don't split the party, but we were a high level at the time, and the plan was agreed and formed by everyone present. Now this is irrelevant to the d I wish it was because of their bad luck or rolls, but each time was his decision, both in game in out. This story takes place over the course of one year, in one of the best d&d 5e campaigns I have ever been in, and still in as of writing this. To start, the campaign had three players at the start, including myself. I play a Protector Aasimar Barbarian, let's call him Barbarian. Now I rolled very well for Barbarians stats, so Barbarian wasn't dumb like a stereotypical member of his class, and was quite smart. The second player, let's call him Shade, plays a Wood Elf Rogue, let's call him Rogue. Rogue was a silent type, more interested in their personal gain, but as time went on they become more open and humorous, and less edgy, making for really good character development. Finally we get to the problem player, let's call him Problem Player, and his first character was a Human Gunslinger Fighter, let's call him Gunslinger. Gunslinger was a good character, and was the first one for Problem Player.
The party first met up trying to find a bounty, put out by the city we were in's mayor that we later learned killed gunslingers husband, and now he wanted revenge. Now me and Shade loved this character, and his story of revenge. As a starting plot point of the campaign it worked to set the scene and give the rest of the players to distrust this Mayor, though we didn't trust him to begin with. In the end, we decided to not turn in the person with the bounty, a earth genasi woman and a General in another nations country, let's call it Country 1 and the country that the mayor was in Country 2. Now both Countries were at odds, nearing war, so their was political consequences here. We decided to not only not capture the general, but help her escape as well back to Country 1. This dragged us into the conflict between the two nations, now a part of the military of Country 1. As time went on, and more and more information was found out, we soon discover that the Mayor was possessed by an ancient evil entity whose power was on par with a god of this world, and all the conflict in this war was fueling its power. This is also the time we learned about the fate of Gunslingers husband as well, and it now made sense why all this was happening. In game we could not possibly convince either side to stop and talk, so we decided to use the war as a way to get close to The Mayor, and capture or kill the body, but Barbarian voted for capture, as destroying the body did not mean destroying the entity, meaning it wold probably possess someone else in the world. Gunslinger didn't care, so long as he got a shot at the entity. We later learned that the only way for this Entity to be destroyed was with a special weapon, basically a God-Killer, so that was the right call for planning. Now at this time two more players joined the campaign, the first, let's call her Flake, playing a Fallen Aasimar fighter, let's call her Fighter, and the other, let's call him Scorch, playing a Black Dragonborn Cleric, let's call him Cleric. They were a good addition to the campaign, and Fighter will become very relevant to the story later. We partook in several battles, the success of which result in Barbarian becoming captain in Country 1s army for his planning and acts in battle. All of this lead to the invasion of the city we first met in.
The plan was for Rogue and Cleric to lead the frontal assault in the main battle, that way Barbarian, Fighter, and Gunslinger could sneak in the city. Barbarian and Fighter have wings so they could fly over the walls carrying Gunslinger while the main forces were distracted, and we could sneak in and try and capture the mayor. Now I do know the old adage, don't split the party, but we were a high level at the time, and the plan was agreed and formed by everyone present. Now this is irrelevant to the story here, but I would like to make note that Rogue, having an insane persuasion and intimidation, manged to talk down the opposing army commanders, and won the battle with any blood spilled in a grand battle. Let me repeat myself, Rogue talked down an entire army and saved thousands of lives from dying in battle. I have no words to express my respect for Rogues player, he is a good friend and I wanted to give his actions the shout out it deserves. Back to the main story, the three managed to confront the Mayor, and his two Oni guards. The Mayor, not viewing us as worth his time, decided to teleport away. Before he did however, he launched a weird astral beam of magic at Gunslinger, who had to make a wisdom saving throw. He failed, and after we defeated the Onis, it was reveal that a part of the Entity attached itself to Gunslingers soul, putting him at risk for possession. Now with this in mind, Problem Player two sessions later decided to give up playing Gunslinger. Now it is worth acknowledging that Problem Player claimed that for awhile he had no longer enjoyed playing Gunslinger, but the timing does seem weird to me. I do not wish to accuse the Problem Player of lying or telling half truths, in all honesty I can understand not enjoying playing a character, but I would say that choosing to not play a character should be a last resort, and trying to find a way to work with the dm to make ways to enjoy playing the character again would and should have been what happened here.
Regardless, Problem Player came back with a new character, a Loxodon Paladin, let's call them Posh. The reason that I am not calling them Paladin and instead is for tow reasons. First, this character had a a phrase he loved to say, Pish Posh, so it feels appropriate to call them Posh. The second reason will be reveled later. To describe Posh, he acted like an older wise mentor for members of the group, a person who could make a lot of good laughs but deadly if you cross him. Honestly, he was a great character. At this time in the campaign we managed to get the two nations to sit down and begin peace talks, which were thankfully successful. With the two nations at peace and working together to stop the Entity, we soon were able to find the God Killer weapon. Now only one of us could wield it, but wielding it meant that the wielder would likely die from all the power the weapon emits, and there was no guarantee that resurrection magic would work, so there was only one chance to stop The Entity. To add further stakes, we knew that The Entity was planning to attack Country 1 in three days. It is no exaggeration to say that we debated who would wield the weapon for almost two hours, as no one wanted someone else's character to die. Ultimately it came down to Barbarian and Posh.
Now I will say this up front that if Gunslinger was still around with the party, Barbarian both in game and me out of game would have let them wielded the weapon. This is not because I wanted Gunslinger to die, but rather Gunslinger had the biggest right to be the one to destroy the entity. The Entity took Gunslingers husband, hurt him, and targeted his very soul, so this was personal to him mist of all. I had no right as player or Barbarian to deny him that, but Gunslinger wasn't there, it was Posh. Posh was very important to the royals of Country 1, so he needed to live so that nation could have a better chance at thriving. Eventually, the dm decided to decide to roll the dice, and depending on what he rolled would determine who would wield it. The Dm rolled. Barbarian was chosen. At this point, Posh exited the room, and Barbarian chased after him. He claimed he needed to return home so he could be with his people when they are attacked. Now you might be think he is referring to The Entity's attack, but no, he wasn't, in fact we learned details out of game. Apparently, and this had no mention anywhere in game, his people were at threat from another power, the BBEG of the campaign, but there was nothing in game that would let Posh think that this attack was happening. Keep in mind also that Posh was very important to the Royals of Country 1, and they were important to him. These royals were at risk of an attack in a few days, and he left for his people, who wouldn't be attacked in game for at least 2 years in game. Now the player claimed that out of game, he rolled a dice to see what Posh would do. I could understand if he returned to his home after the battle, but this decision made no sense with everything going on. Now this is just me speculating, but I do have a feeling that if he wielded the weapon, he would have stayed, and he would have either died or been resurrected. I as well as the rest of the party, heavily disagree with there actions with Posh here, but it's history at this point. Barbarian destroyed the entity, freed the Mayor, and was able to be resurrected after he died. 5 years passed in game, and Posh seemed to die in two years when that attack did happen. Now I acknowledge that we or the dm should have talked to Problem Player at this point, he had given up two characters, and it was becoming an unfortunate habit. We or the dm should have told him to make his next character stick, that he shouldn't do anything to make them leave, but we didn't, and then we got the third character, and things get worse...
The Third Character was a female Half-Elf Great Old One Warlock, let's call her Warlock, and oh boy, strap yourselves in, this gets really infuriating. Warlock was a chaotic character, doing whatever they want whenever they wanted. They acted without care for the other party members. This in of itself is not the issue, as this could of changed over time, making for an interesting bit of character development, but this was not the case. Warlock arrived in Country 1 after surviving a ship exploding, cause by her ex girlfriend, a crime lord, who lived in another land, let's call it Country 3. Warlock wanted to return to Country 3 to get her belongings she left behind, and was going to go with or without the group. At this point, this was Problem Players third character, and we didn't want them to give this one up as well, so we allowed the player to railroad us into this adventure that none of us should logically have gone along with. Warlock was nothing but rude and disrespectful to the party, so in game there was no reason to help her other then one thing, she was Barbarians sister, one he didn't know about, and their mother was the BBEG of the campaign, that was the only in game reason why Barbarian went along with her request. To skip the more boring and mundane parts, we arrived at Warlocks home, and we got her stuff. At this point a guard working for the Warlocks Ex showed up, and was looking to betray the Ex, as apparently they were working on something big, and the guard suggested killing the Ex. The Warlock lost it, almost killing the guard for merely suggesting the idea of killing her Ex, the same Ex that tried to kill Warlock. At this point Barbarian tells her they will take the Ex captive, and she calms down. I am glossing over the more in depth details here, but it was quite infuriating to play with this character, as it felt like she was going to leave or initiate pvp if we went with something other then what she wants. Cutting ahead again, it turns out the Ex was working on financing building huge killer constructs for guarding, in reality for the BBEG, and we knocked her out, and teleported back to Country 1.
Now with Ex in captivity, giving Warlock what she wanted, we interrogated Ex. and Warlock Dominated Person her, getting all the information we needed. After that, Warlock then executed Ex when she is chained and imprisoned. Ignoring the fact that she had no legal power in Country 1, Warlock almost killed a man because of the notion of killing Ex, even though Ex tried to kill Warlock and definitely killed innocent people in the attempt. Warlock knew this and didn't want Ex dead, but now with Ex doing something that she herself was a pawn in, now that deserves death. Also I will say that Problem Player did not plan on killing her, as out of game he did want her alive and wanted to keep her that way. This isn't the worst part, as in private we learned that Warlocks goals, after executing Ex, was that she now believed this world was not worth saving as there was no one worth living, so she wanted to burn the world. This made no sense whatsoever. Keep in mind that not only did Warlock killing Ex make no sense, but also she had just met this group that in game bent over backwards to help her despite having no reason to, as not only was she a stranger but she was nothing but terrible to the group. She had these people willing to help her, but now she claims that all of this made her hate this world. To make things worse, she then was contacted by her mother, the BBEG, and decided to work with her, the woman that abandoned Warlock at birth, as Warlock never knew there mother. Now I don't blame the DM for this, he like us didn't want the character to leave like the others, as it was grating and irritating at best. Warlock was told by the BBEG to spy on the party. Now I had heard stories of players being evil or the villain working out very well, so I did hold out hope that despite this illogical mess, it would somehow work. It didn't. This is were this story gets worse.
The party, unaware of Warlocks goals or her true allegiances, wanted to check in on her, she did just kill her former lover after all. Warlock went out of her way, doing the most impractical and ridiculous ways to avoid the party, the people she was supposed to be spying one. The biggest example of this, Warlock opened a bar in Country 1, with only one other employee, making the staff two people. Now with this in mind, and her not hiring anyone else, you would think the tavern would be open for only a few hours at night. If you thought that, then congratulations, you are wrong. The bar was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with two employees, Problem Player saying this so that she could avoid talking or interacting with the group. This made me very upset. In game this was so counterproductive to her goals as a spy, so much so that this is what made the party suspicious of her in the first place. Out of game, this goes against d&d and the point of the game. D&D is a game meant to be played together, friends sitting at the table, whether irl or online, coming together and working together in order solve the challenges the dm throws at them and to have fun. Warlock as a character, went against everything D&D stood for as a game. Eventually we had to go to an island nation, let's call it Island, and on the voyage, we had Cleric cast Forbiddence so nothing could teleport to attack us, but also because we were going to confront Warlock, and we need to ensure she didn't escape.
At this point, Warlocks actions were way too suspicious in game, and confrontation needed. We put her in a zone of truth, where after a bit we learned the truth. Now I cannot speak for the others, but I was going to give Warlock a chance to change, to help us instead of the BBEG. I couldn't do this, as Warlock decided to try and use her spells to blow up the ship we were on. Thankfully it was counterspelled, and pvp was started. After one round the Captain of the ship came down, not knowing the situation. The Captain not sure who to believe, decided to send Warlock of the ship with a rowboat. Now if you were Warlock, the smart thing to do would be to sail away and plan their revenge. Warlock then shot the boat with her spells, making a hole in the ship. While Cleric, who was Forge Domain, began to fix the ship, Fighter flew to her rowboat, and got Warlock down to single digit hp. Out of game Flake made it known they were only going to knock out Warlock and spare them. Before Fighters next turn however, Warlock killed themselves with an Eldritch Blast. I cannot state this enough, do not look at what Warlock did with amazement or try to justify this. Suicide is no joke, and no one should ever do that even if its a game. If you or someone else you know is going through a rough time and you are worried, please get help, you are more loved then you realize. Back to the story, Warlock was dead. The party was pretty tired at this point, and any reasonable dm and party would not have Problem Player join again. This was not the case however, as Problem Player was good friend with the DM. DM is a really good person, and loves to see the best in people and gives them the chance to be their best. He is a really really sweet guy, and a good friend, I don't blame him for any of this. However, now we move on to the fifth character, and if anyone are hoping this turns better that Problem Player does better, I am so sorry to tell you that it doesn't happen.
Remember when I said that Posh was named that for two reasons? While now here is the second reason, the fifth character was a Gnome Druid, the reincarnated Posh. As it turned out, Posh was brought back by someone using the reincarnate spell, as a gnome, and had been in hiding for the time away from the party. We found Posh on Island and found out what had happen. Now we were excited that Posh returned. Despite Posh's bad departure, we all loved Posh. This lasted two sessions. On the second session, we returned to Country 1, and Posh then mouth off to the Queen, as she had made some mistakes, and then went to Rogue demanding we attack the BBEG now. This was fuel by some PTSD from Posh's death, but Rogue told them that this was not a good idea, and it wasn't. We weren't ready in the slightest, as we need to secure all our allies before we go and attack the BBEG, as we would have lost bad if we did. Posh did not like this, found Barbarian, and tried to convince them to do what they wanted. Out of game we were very tired of Problem Players doing this and expecting everyone to go along with them, so as Barbarian I called them out for being reckless and that they were going to get themselves killed again. Posh then Lightning Bolted Barbarian, polymorphed into a T-Rex, and tried to flee the city as said T-Rex. Barbarian chased after them, needing to stop them as they were running through the city as a monster, putting lives at risk. After being knocked out of T-Rex form by Barbarian and being surrounded by guards, Posh then tried to repeat what Warlock did, and tried to kill themselves. Barbarian barely managed to knock them out before they succeeded. The player then stated after they woke up in a cell, Posh gave the party the silent treatment after the party tried to reason with him. At this point we were exhausted with problem player, and sensing this Problem Player decided to leave the campaign, for awhile.
This was the last character for Problem Player for awhile, until DM, god bless his good hearted nature, allowed Problem Player another chance to play a character. Problem Player claimed he wouldn't repeat his actions. Now I was against this, but they were good friends, and I didn't want to rob DM of running a game with his friend in it. If I could go back, I would tell DM this was a bad idea, that Problem Player was taking advantage of their kindness, but I didn't and I feel very bad that I didn't. The DM, this beyond kind individual, took this fifth character, a Dhampir Bard, and made a whole story arc for them so they could get in with the party better, put in a lot of work and made a lot of lore and sheets to make this work. Now I know you all are expecting Problem Player to do something in game that betrays the DMs trust and gets their character to leave or to die, but what they did was far worse. On the night before the session they were introduced, in game we all had dreams to foreshadow this character where Problem Player voiced the character with cryptic phrases, Problem Player messaged DM saying they were not going to play in the campaign, saying they were backing out because they felt disconnected to the world. I was appalled when I learned this. DM spent so much time working on this arc, and now they felt had to carry it out as to not make all that work a waste. Now I will give credit to DM, they managed to make this element of the campaign revolve around Rogue instead very well, and it has been fun to play, but it is clear who this was really meant for. Problem Player had taken advantage of DMs kindness time and time again, and this should have been the end, but you read the title, there is one last bit to the story.
After everything they did, Problem Player asked to join the campaign again, and DM, bless his kind generous open heart and soul, asked us how we felt about them returning. Now I will leave this player's fake name out of this, but they told DM that it was their decision, but that they were tried of Problem Players antics and choices, and that they felt that Problem Player was taking advantage of DMs kindness. They said that if Problem Player did there thing again, that they would heavily consider leaving the campaign. We all this way, all of us. We were all tired of Problem Player, how they derailed things, how they railroaded us into decision they wanted, not what that group wanted, and how they would give up characters left and right. We all felt it, but that player was the one who had the courage to say what they needed to say. Problem Player found out about this message, and blocked that player, and left the discord severs we were in. If there is any take away I would want anyone to take from this post, it's that as players we can do anything we want, but that doesn't mean we should. We have a responsibility to listen and help our follow players, and that regardless of what alignment we have, we should all try and work together as a party and try have a fun time, whether you are a player or dm. If Problem Player ever sees this, I hope they have become a better player, and if they are in another group, I hope all are having fun.
TL;DR: Problem Player goes through 5 characters that didn't need to go, got upset when they didn't get what they wanted and do what they wanted to do, and then left the group after players had enough
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2021.12.07 03:08 TheMomDotCom89 I attempted color draping and it was a bit of a FAIL but I’m going to post them anyway and would appreciate any feedback. A lot of them are candid and crazy looking because my photographer was a silly 13 year old..

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2021.12.07 03:08 Easongaming_2013 I am reaching 5000 days! Minecraft bedock edition

I am reaching 5000 days! Minecraft bedock edition
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2021.12.07 03:08 Wood_Rogue Z-probe Offset Seemingly Ignored

I've seen some talk about what I believe is the same issue on the Marlin github page but since there aren't any solutions to it I thought I'd ask here.
On an Ender3 Pro with SKR mini e3 v2 I am using a clone bltouch sensor and Marlin 2.0.8 setup without a dedicated z end stop.
Now when I use the z-offset wizard I get a value which may vary by .2 between printing attempts possibly because of oozing filament. When I finish that I store it to settings, then load settings via the lcd screen and attempt to print. Without fail the print will start extremely close to the bed to the point where prints can't be removed and the nozzle may touch the bed. Even when changing the offset to be closer to zero to increase the nozzle height this happens. Strangely, and this may be due to different extrusions I simply can't be sure, the initial print line added by cura seems to be affected by the z-offset more correctly and not as squished. Afterward though the nozzle gets too close to the bed, making the same first layer regardless of the offset.
Has anyone figured out what might be causing this?
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2021.12.07 03:08 huevosypapaz Campus job

I dont have work study and a lot of on campus jobs require that. What are my chances of getting hired if i apply to one that requires it😵‍💫
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2021.12.07 03:08 cendolcheesecake Quick question: MetaMask to MetaMask

How do I transfer Avax from MetaMask to MetaMask?
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2021.12.07 03:08 mcpoopynutz Does anyone actually buy evike performance shop?

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2021.12.07 03:08 Sofia_Almaznaya 🐆Leopard cross stitch pattern Cross stitch pattern which made with love ❤️ You can choose your favourite pattern in our Etsy shop!📲 https://www.etsy.com/shop/patterndesignstudio/ SALE‼️BUY 4 PATTERNS AND GET 40 %OFF SALE‼️BUY 5 PATTERNS AND GET 50 %OFF

🐆Leopard cross stitch pattern Cross stitch pattern which made with love ❤️ You can choose your favourite pattern in our Etsy shop!📲 https://www.etsy.com/shop/patterndesignstudio/ SALE‼️BUY 4 PATTERNS AND GET 40 %OFF SALE‼️BUY 5 PATTERNS AND GET 50 %OFF submitted by Sofia_Almaznaya to StitchersofReddit [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 03:08 Davidfau Amazing Top 10 Most Watched Movies Of The Week December 06 | PeraMovies.Club

Every week we take a close look at the most watched movies of the week. ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ tops the chart, followed by ‘The Last Duel’. ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ completes the top three.
Here is the List of Top 10 Most watched Movies of the Week, According to PeraMovies.Club site
This week we have three new entries in the list. “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is the most Watched Movie.
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2021.12.07 03:08 cikolite pls help me!!!

i have had fucked up my academics bcoz of this shitty habit.I have been successful for 16 days max for 2 times before.I am right now on day 7 and have started to recover from academics and also as a better person.I have also stopped watching any porn since some 15 day,but today i am just feeling to go back and take a peek.I dont know why i am just feeling too horny while writing this post.I am getting an urge every 15 minutes and have been feeling uneasiness.I have really cried a lot before alone in regret of getting into these loop.I dont know now what to do,should i fap?but then how should I control my further urges???
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2021.12.07 03:08 potatofam13222 Halloween Halo 2019 bid

Only rhd pls ^
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2021.12.07 03:08 ftwes The Famous Blastphamus

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2021.12.07 03:08 Welnance [IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT]

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