6kdn5 t74z9 9bi2y 4z2e3 47fdh 9ke7t z364d 2h9r7 8n9fa y92fe n9azb iyrrr 8be46 hrdh6 9eh8n isn83 ti3y8 46sfi 8dnd6 fkiiy ei4nh Why are US DD so bad compared to the USSR? How do I combat them in T6-T9 |

Why are US DD so bad compared to the USSR? How do I combat them in T6-T9

2022.01.21 01:34 Challenge_Fabulous Why are US DD so bad compared to the USSR? How do I combat them in T6-T9

Us dd in ww2 were 100 million times better than the on paper USSR ships. But in the game I find myself running away from any USSR DD above Tier 6.
Just tried to engage a USSR t6 DD with the Faragaut and got owned. It shoots faster, hits harder and it's torps seem to automatically reloaded in seconds..
So my question is as I play US DD most. How do I combat the seemingly far superior soviet DD?
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2022.01.21 01:34 Merlins_Owl Searing skirt steak for burritos

Question for those out there more experienced than me. I’d like to sear my skirt steak for burritos Friday night and I want that nice brown almost crunchy exterior I can chop up. How do I get that crust like exterior using my cast iron?
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2022.01.21 01:34 throwitout3736 T

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2022.01.21 01:34 Largicharg What was the saddest thing Sal ever cried over during a challenge?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 01:34 Khamter Dự Đoán XSMB ngày 22/1/2022 - Soi Cầu Xổ Số Miền Bắc hôm nay

Dự Đoán XSMB ngày 22/1/2022 - Soi Cầu Xổ Số Miền Bắc hôm nay submitted by Khamter to xoso [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 01:34 MCKlassik What’s the strangest thing that you’ve done for cash?

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2022.01.21 01:34 Grace-Bonez77 Skip Kingmaker and go straight to WotR? How much better or worse is one compared to the other? (Especially when it comes to builds and combat.)

What's the VS. in comparing the two? I can't buy both.
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2022.01.21 01:34 Mais_out How was your high school love life?

Was it exciting? to me nothing could match the excitement of being in a relationship in high school for some reasons.
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2022.01.21 01:34 DimitriMichaelTaint Over the 14 years we’ve been together me(34m) and wife(32f) have had better and better sex and the frequency has been consistent…

Even when we’ve had low points.. there were a couple times where we couldn’t stop fighting (part of year 3 and the end of year9/beginning of year 10) and even then we had great sex (less often obviously).
It still blows me away too… you’d think I’d be used to it, but even after all these years when she does something out of the blue for the first time and blows my socks off I can’t help but be flabbergasted. I don’t want to be too foul but suffice it to say she just did that in the form of doing something without being prompted without any warning without getting what is usually her end of the bargain because she is so selfless sometimes.
She is GREAT. My wife has trauma in her past and has climbed such a steep mountain to get to where she is today, which is a sex goddess. She is my -queen-. I mean… she is so sexy I’d probably let her do me wrong lol
Unnecessary PSA:
Try. Everyone is different and everybody moves at different speeds because everyone lives different lives. As long as both people genuinely care about the others pleasure FIRST you will find success in the bedroom.
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2022.01.21 01:34 username262626 Contractor?

Anyone got a recommendation for a contractor for a bathroom renovation. Thanks
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2022.01.21 01:34 lejerc What are common mistakes that people commit while flitring?

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2022.01.21 01:34 coolnationYT There's something wrong here just can't put my finger on it

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2022.01.21 01:34 pmjerkoffvid_w_face Any gender therapists you guys can recommend?

Im really confused about my gender and it’s making me feel miserable and depressed.
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2022.01.21 01:34 jookco Morreu - Morte : 20-janeiro-2022 -- Qual o motivo de noticiarmos tantas mortes de jogadores de futebol ? Simples, é um esporte com muita visibilidade. Quando ocorre uma morte, isso quase sempre vira notícia. O jogador KERIM ARSLAN morreu aos 29 anos, vítima de insuficiência cardíada, ou seja, Cli...

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2022.01.21 01:34 poetbytheriver Beautiful hippie spotted at Buderim Waterfall

Hey guys,
Saw a beautiful hippie (probably a man) at Buderim waterfall today at around 1-1:30. I was too shy to talk to him because how do you talk to someone wading spiritually in the waterfall creek.
Shoulder length hair. Rainbow tote bag. Cool glasses. A beautiful calming aura. He let me and my friend walk past him on the rocks.
If anyone knows who this is or if you are by chance him... tell him to text me and we can talk about waterfalls and biodiversity.
Yours sincerely,
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2022.01.21 01:34 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.21 01:34 Straight_Finding_756 Bros, how is she so cute?

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2022.01.21 01:34 Deezez808 Deeper Mini not working?

I have a deeper mini. In a different home, I was able to get a lot of tunnels to other countries and allow devices to connect to me.
In my new home, I have at most like 5 tunnels, but they disconnect within seconds. I struggle to get the 10mb of data shared and devices cannot connect to me.

Did I do something wrong? I have comcast. I have restarted the deeper mini many times
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2022.01.21 01:34 laj2100 Non-Hobonichi covers for A6 & Weeks

Hi friends! I’m looking for recommendations on pretty/chic covers for the A6 & Weeks Hobonichi planners. This is my first year using Hobonichi so didn’t know if there were some good go-to options / specific Etsy accounts anyone likes? Thank you!
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2022.01.21 01:34 BadBadUncleDad C4K vs 4K for low light?

I am shooting a lot of footage at night and am trying to set up my GH5S properly. I currently have it at C4K, 24p, 10 bit, 400 Mbps. I have the recording format set to MP4 (LPCM). I have the photo style set to HLG. I am wondering if C4K lets in more light since it is a larger aspect ratio (forgive me if that makes no sense).
I am so wondering if there is anything else you would change about these settings.
Thanks for helping me to better understand my new camera!
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2022.01.21 01:34 Seasplash Hola.

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2022.01.21 01:34 bugs_under_ur_skin Is garchomp "good" now?

I'm thinking of skipping trevenant and just buying a different license instead like decidueye or garchomp
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2022.01.21 01:34 dogs-d My little brother bought these somewhere for 2$ I’m trying to figure out what species they are so they can get proper care. Any ideas?

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2022.01.21 01:34 SEND_ME_YOUR_THIGHS Looking to SELL OR TRADE green/white Le Fleur Ox, 10.5M literally perfect condition more info in comments

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2022.01.21 01:34 PoptropicaRocks Posting my Favourite Lulu outfits 🥰

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