szzhb 7y936 46667 fiyt4 kt99e y92bs rydb5 f8nez f8sb4 khb84 6ii5i snhes 4ya6z 5byef fnd2s 7a398 s5f5y sh93n rs9ri zfken yk539 W: V E 25 handmade or fixer H: B25 25 fixer or handmade want a 1:1 for their respective gun + i’ll add 25k caps |

W: V E 25 handmade or fixer H: B25 25 fixer or handmade want a 1:1 for their respective gun + i’ll add 25k caps

2022.01.21 02:03 falloutShotgunsLUL W: V E 25 handmade or fixer H: B25 25 fixer or handmade want a 1:1 for their respective gun + i’ll add 25k caps

And to the guy down voting my posts, probably work on your people skills buddy.
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2022.01.21 02:03 MDubz420 Did I just read all that right? (Source:

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2022.01.21 02:03 yuxini2 My first diamond whitetail!

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2022.01.21 02:03 The_Lumberjack747 man.

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2022.01.21 02:03 WhyDoIEvenBothersmh MODS BAN BULK. WE ARE ALL DONE WITH THIS CRAP.

If it drops 28th unban him, otherwise perma ban. Fuck him. He has ruined this sub over and over and over.
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2022.01.21 02:03 kidMASSIVE22 When you play WWE games do you skip the entrances?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 02:03 Jvmiii3 VixityRP|A revolutionary city|A story|Economy

When I was searching for the damn near perfect server, I was looking for serious Role Play, characters with depth, and creativity. I was looking for limitless opportunities in my character's work, social life, and overall experience in a city. About a week ago, I found something truly special, Vixity RP. I'm not just kissing its ass, it truly is amazing, with an extremely dedicated owner, and team of devs. With a large enough community, this can and will be something special. It is 100% run, and created by the suggestions and wants of the characters and players, and no, it isn't a chaotic 100k or die, run and gun server, it's a story, with real depth, and real ways to discover yourself, and others. Your imagination is your limit in Vixity, if you want to run a racketeering ring out of a motel, go for it. Oh, you want to open a gas station? Do it. There are limitless opportunities for the everyday person, to be something great, create your legacy, legally, or not so legally. The way your life, business, enterprise, and experience runs, is only limited to the imagination and creativity of the character.
How we operate:
Vixity RP is an economy based, heavily character influenced storyline. Our city is more than just get rich and spend fast, its a life, a legacy, to be created by you.
Features: Legal work:
-Multiple delivery jobs
-Wood chopping
-Waste management (the legal way...)
-Being an employee in player run restraints, bars, dispensaries, you name it!
-Chop cars
We have over 200 jobs to pick and choose from, come and see!
Whitelisted jobs:
-Real estate
-Tow truck driver
-Highway Patrol
-Weasel news
Illegal work:
-Drug smuggling
-Illegal crypto mining
-Drug running
-Rob banks, jewelry stores, corner shops, houses
-Steal and sell cars
-Gun dealing
Our criminal underworld doesn't stop there, trust me, there's an in depth story line players can interact with to gain more info!
Special features! -Characters with real depth, that truly make Vixity a story
-1500 custom vehicles
-Druuugs, custom drug effects, with Meth, Coke, Crack, Acid, Oxy, Weed, Blue meth, And more
-100s of custom guns
-Custom engine sounds
-police have crowd control weapons
-custom police badges
-5 dealerships and mechanic shops
-House furnishing
-Custom crime scene and police investigation system, serial numbers, blood splatter, shell casings, DNA, and more forensics.
-Court sessions
-Custom prison system
-Business cards and advertisements for player run company's
-Custom clothing
City pass times:
-Craigslist like market
-City wide events, demo derby, races...
-Boxing ring
-Scuba diving
Over 100 ownable and profitable businesses, owning a single gas pump can make you money
Custom Business cards, ownable taxi ads, billboards, car liveries, etc.
Any player, can own any business, made up or in game, and do WHATEVR they want with it.
Some examples:
Your very own taxi rank
A restaurant with illegal gun dealing on the side
Lumber yard
Corner store that has an underground drug operation
LITERALLY ANYHTING YOU WANT, that's what makes us special, we don't limit you to the scripts, or in game features, VIXITY is what you, the player wants it to be.
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2022.01.21 02:03 _kiminara /ZoeysPlaylist Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.21 02:03 phantomworks225 Blanke - Stuck On You (feat. Donna Tella)

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2022.01.21 02:03 Yolob1625 Is it just me or is my first lobes kinda crooked ? (But This my sec getting them pierced..first time it got swallowed as seen in last pic !! ) The sec round does not hurt feel irritated or redness but I feel like a bump on second lobe just in back ! QUESTIONS & concerns !! Helpp loll

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2022.01.21 02:03 Tribute2TheDoom Sleepover Time Daily Event

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2022.01.21 02:03 Sparky_Boom_Boom_man Just fought off the biggest urge

Day 12 and I was feeling a bit off and lazy. I think I've been in a flatline since day 10 because some of the initial benefits seem to have suddenly gone away.
Didn't have to go to university today and spent the whole day at home doing work and fighting off urges.
I was starting to weaken but then I remembered some stuff I've read here about facing urges and dealing with them instead of dreading them and panicking and it worked very well.
This community is amazing I've tried to quit countless times with zero progress but using new tactics I've learned here I'm rapidly improving!
Alright, won a battle, time to go win the war, thanks guys!
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2022.01.21 02:03 PeteyZee1998 Which dose of Clonazepam gives the best therapeutic effect?

I've used 25-30 of them since prescribed in November.
When i had my first dose of 0.5 mg, i felt really weird/cool, like i felt drunk, low inhib, but also a weird dissociative sensation, it reminded me of Ketamine a bit. after taking 3-4 for a week, that effect went away, i now no longer get that feeling, i only get lower anxiety and a feeling of very sleepiness.
I've been using 1 a day for the past week, otherwise it was in my box for a month or so without me using them.
I usually take it with codeine if i plan on recreational use, and when i did, i felt awful, while the high was so drowsy and so calming, for the whole day i felt exhausted, and very tired, i just felt really tired and not to well, almost like covid came on.
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2022.01.21 02:03 lanky_catman69 "Woof?"

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2022.01.21 02:03 cooleo420 Ok so I'm decided to start a new story. It's not going well.

Ok so I started a new story that I have no idea what to do with. It's a fictional story that is based around caves and water. I have the general plot down but I have no fuckin clue on how to start it off. I had this idea of 2 young boys going out and finding a cave with a large pool of water in it. I have no ideas for how to set it up and getting the story rolling. Help?
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2022.01.21 02:03 Rlys2969 For all the ladies with Crohn's

Is it just me or does your period cramps and your Crohn's pain intertwine? Or your Crohn's gets worse on your period? I always worry that I'm going into a flare and then my period starts and it hurts way worse. Even a week or so sometimes before my period the Crohn's pain starts. Also it makes my stomach hurt worse when I eat on my period like it did when I was in a very bad flare (got diagnosed). Anyone relate? Any tips?
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2022.01.21 02:03 mwlittle The Game Needs More Plausible Alt-history

I remember before waking the tiger Japan was able to choose between going to war with China or demanding it become a puppet. I always thought this was a neat way to add an additional approach for the player to take and was disappointed that paradox removed it(although I understand why). What other kinds of alt history focuses that aren’t completely wacky would you want to add to the game?
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2022.01.21 02:03 Background_Bee_2856 I’ll sit on your throat

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2022.01.21 02:03 Key_Ad_1683 Memeing Every Chapter of The Wheel of Time, Part 526

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2022.01.21 02:03 AStrateA Major L

The look on the workers faces will be hilarious!!
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2022.01.21 02:03 U_Have_To_Dab Just a picture of England, Italy and Spain

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2022.01.21 02:03 joeygallinal Can we talk?

Everyone knows that BUY HODL and DRS is crucial. But, that alone is not enough. SHF spend millions a day to tank the price. How often do you guys buy shares of GME? Point being, it takes more than to just BUY HODL and DRS to win this fight! Options is another way to cause pressure, but that’s a talk for another day. We need to be prepared and knowledgeable and Superstonk is the best source we have.
DRS is important! But remember, we are all INDIVIDUAL investors. If someone does not want to DRS their shares, so be it! To each his own. No need to call someone names or a shill if they don’t want to. I’ve reported more people for harassment on this sub in the past month, than all of my time on Reddit!
Superstonk IS a place to get all the latest updates, DD, news, and even laugh about shit with memes. I love this sub! Been shitposting here since day one when I came over from Double U SB, GME, etc (feel free to go down my profile). I am VERY active on this sub. Remember the Robinhood “text messages” from the civil suit? I broke that story and posted it here! I also made a video that went viral all over twitter and the Inter webs: I’ve contributed so much to this sub because I love it! I love the stock! I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY! Who remembers LEGO weekend? Or, the mod drama weekend? The memes were flowing! And the DD was easy to find. You could scroll Superstonk, and see great content! Now all you see is this:
This sub is full of the smartest, most talented and creative people on Reddit! And great content, DD and important news is being missed. Now all I see is a River of purple circles! Is it great? YES! But along with these posts I see “WHERES MY KARMA?”, etc. This is in direct violation of Rule #5 on Superstonk:
Not to mention, these posts are getting anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 karma. For posting a pic. Ask any DD writer, or meme maker that has spent hours creating their content (yes, I’ve spent hours making a meme before) how they feel when their DD or meme only makes 200 karma. Doesn’t make you want to contribute any more. What would happen if I post a meme that says, “HERES MY MEME, WHERES MY KARMA!” Is be banned! And not my the mods, Reddit admins would ban me.
But it’s more than just karma whoring.
Let’s play a game: I’m a shill. The SHF that hired me has millions of FTD’s that need to be bought back soon. YOU BET YOUR ASS I’m gonna gonna want this sub for to be flooded with nothing but DRS posts. And I’m gonna be on high alert and calling everyone shills and assholes if they don’t support DRS!! THINK. Why do you think there are users cussing someone out for even mentioning what I’m saying. THOSE are the shills and/or the uneducated newer members.
Again, DRS is crucial in this fight but DRSing ALONE is not the answer. And ask u/criand or any other wrinkle brain in here- there’s NO WAY we will ever lock the float. No way. Sorry to be the person to tell you. If I’m wrong, prove me wrong! Write up the DD. Just pray that I can find your DD.
We need information. It’s Crucial to be up to date with news and information. I’m not saying get rid of the posts. I’m suggesting to have one post pinned at the top of the sub where people can go and post their DRS there.
There a storm coming folks and I want to be prepared! We’re coming up to the end of a huge cycle. Ask yourself, when are these millions of FTD’s due? January 25th? But historically the SHF always repay these on a later date- around Feb 6th or 8th. Man I wish there was DD that would tell me. There probably is! But, u/hedgiesrfukd69420 just DRS’d his 2 shares along with 100’s of other people and flooded the sub asking for their karma.
Call me a shill, an idiot, whatever. I don’t care. Downvote me to hell, I’ve got enough karma, and I can make it up. If by now, you don’t know that DRSing is important, you need help. I just want the sub full of great content and not lose the creators we have.
I Love you all. BUY HODL DRS and learn about options. You’re on a sub that talks about investing. Anyone who calls someone a shill for trying to teach you about options is a closed minded idiot. To be a player or the game, you have to always be a student of the game! Ask DFV! He discussed options all the time. Learn as much as you can. And I challenge all the DRS fanatics. Watch u/Gherkin on you tube. I guarantee you will learn more in one day watching him then you’ve ever thought you could. And he DOES say that DRS helps, contrary to popular belief.
Peace out! But before I go, pay attention to the comment section. The ones that are yelling at me, or saying in an idiot- look at their profile and comment history. Tell me what you see :)
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2022.01.21 02:03 laasd12 Ta Là Bà Chủ Gameplay Android iOS APK | Ta Là Bà Chủ Game Mobile Kinh Doanh Mới

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2022.01.21 02:03 kieko Oh cool, it’s the rapture! Just kidding, Ice crystals refracting the streetlight in an incredibly ominous way. -21°, Barrie, On Jan 21 2022

Oh cool, it’s the rapture! Just kidding, Ice crystals refracting the streetlight in an incredibly ominous way. -21°, Barrie, On Jan 21 2022 submitted by kieko to ontario [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 02:03 GXHXRY sooooo we ban bulk?

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