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Kaufentscheidung fällt schwer.

2022.01.20 07:45 Azzza1985 Kaufentscheidung fällt schwer.

Hallo ihr,
da sich mein 37er Jahrestag nährt möchte meine Partnerin mir ein Fahhrad kaufen.
Wir sind recht viel draußen (Berlin & Umland) und ich bräuchte somit ein Fahrrad womit ich sowohl auf Asphalt als auch im leichten Gelände / Wald fahren kann.
Das Budget für das Fahrrad liegt bei 500€, Licht und anderes Zubehör erstmal außen vor, das kann von anderer Seite geschenkt werden.
Raus gesucht habe ich mir bisher zwei Hardtail, gefällt mir mehr als diese 08/15 Cityräder.
Zur Auswahl stehen, bisher, das Cube Aim Pro für 479€ und das Serious Shoreline für 499€, sind die für den Preis ok bzw gibt es in diesem Preissegment besseres?
LG Aza
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2022.01.20 07:45 Mind-Hunters Finally found my old lego sets. Anyone know if these are worth anything these days?

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2022.01.20 07:45 Oceaneyes13 Request for an Artist

Hello I am not sure if this is the best place to post a request. I am the DM for a campaign and I would love some art done for some of the Villains/NPCs in my campaign.
Its a psuedo cosmic horror campaign in my own homebrew high fantasy world. and currently the party is facing an angel that used to protect their colony that has been corrupted by an eldritch god
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2022.01.20 07:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - 5 significant bills and 5 executive orders Biden signed in his first year | CNN

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2022.01.20 07:45 atomflow Atomflow: Building an Inclusive Future

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2022.01.20 07:45 pussysushi [EU-UA]Nintendo Pokemon Pocket Pikachu, all works, insides cleaned up, $50 free shipping.

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2022.01.20 07:45 specks_of_dust Campus Drama - Cliques, Baddies, & Outcasts

Hey everyone.
While reviewing the book and planning for an upcoming campaign, I noticed that there isn't really a whole lot of space for drama and tension with the NPCs in daily campus life. I'm certain that once my players realize there is a benefit to befriending an NPC, every NPC interaction will be a butt kissing session. If every student is a friend, it's just not that interesting. But, if the enemy of my friend is my enemy, then things get a lot more exciting...
So, I devised a rudimentary system and a side quest to introduce baddie students and troublesome cliques that provide players with a challenge. The Lorehold quest and two story NPCs are included below, but my goal is to create one side quest for each college along with supporting NPCs (if the feedback is hopeful).
Again, it's the first homebrew I've ever shared and I just pounded the whole thing out today, so it's by no means balanced, polished, or complete, nor am I a professional adventure writer. I do, however, appreciate any feedback of suggestions on how to grow or improve what's here.
Campus Drama - Cliques, Baddies, & Outcasts ABOUT BADDIES BADDIES

Baddies are students who seek to hurt others, emotionally or physically, to advance their selfish agenda and create on-campus drama. They’re the villains, troublemakers, and foils to your players and their NPC friends. Your players might take time to teach a baddie a lesson, stop them from hurting a friend, or try to reform them through roleplay. 
Boons and banes work differently for baddies. Where a positive relationship with a regular student will result in a boon and a negative relationship will result in a bane, the reverse occurs with baddies. Having a negative relationship with a baddie will result in a boon, while having a positive relationship will result in a bane. If your players manage to reform a baddie, their boon changes to a **reformed boon** that better reflects their reformed personality. If the player(s) that helped reform the baddie reach a -1 relationship with the baddie at any point, the baddie reverts to their previous ways and the reformed boon no longer applies. 
If your players, individually or as a group, would rather be on the side of the baddies, you may adjust the boons to apply accordingly. Your players may also seek out cliques and baddies, and use the included adventure hooks to victimize students and members of the UAO. They may also work to corrupt students and turn them into baddies. 
In the Biblioplex, the characters meet a group of misfits who refer to themselves as the UAO – the Unofficial Assembly of Outcasts. Their motto is “It Beats Being Alone,” and each member needs help with another student that has wronged them in some way. If the players choose to help the members of the UAO, they will learn about an exclusive **clique** that exists within each of the colleges and meet the **baddies** that comprise them. 
Read the following aloud to your players: 
“A group of five students are sitting at a table in the Biblioplex. The students are clad in robes that would suggest that each of them belongs to a different college. While they may be sitting together, they’re definitely not sitting together. There is something weighing heavy on their minds.”
If not for her messy ponytail, coke bottle glasses, and paint-stained overalls, Plainey Scoggs would probably come off as a normal girl rather than a disheveled mess. A second-year human Prismari student, Plainey is hyper-focused on art and it is a core part of her identity. She also cares deeply about environmental issues, and will call out other students for throwing away a sheet paper that could easily be recycled. Brusque and defensive, Plainey goes out of her way to force herself into the role of outcast. 
Extracurriculars: Distinguished Society of Fine Arts
Job: Campus grounds litter retriever
Bond Boon: On any day you spend 15 minutes of time on your appearance, the DM must narrate your slow motion entrance into parties and other large social gatherings.
Bond Bane: Unflattering portraits of you, all of which are credited to anonymous artists, appear any place that art is displayed.
Plainey explains that last year, a handsome, popular Lorehold student named Flayke Smyler suddenly started showing romantic interest. Flayke arranged a makeover for Plainey, they went on several dates, and for the first time in her life Plainey experienced popularity. In a whirlwind of storybook romance, the two grew closer and their love blossomed. Or, at least this is what Plainey believed up until the night of the Magister’s Masquerade. When they arrived to the dance, Flayke’s silkball buddies watched and laughed as Plainey was dumped by Flayke and told her that their entire relationship had been a bet to see if a grotesque outcast could be turned into someone stunning and popular. Since then, Plainey has fallen into even more young adult angst. She has reverted back to her old self, out of the spotlight, trying to get on with life. But recently, all the memories of Flayke and the betrayal came flooding back when she learned that one of her new friends had fallen victim to the same bet with a different silkball player. Plainey wants to teach these people a lesson. She doesn’t just want you to find out why this is happening and who is doing it, she wants you to devolve your appearance and get chosen as a victim of this bet. Once you’re selected, you will work to make the would-be perpetrator actually fall in love with you. Then, when the moment is right, you will dump them and publicly announce that you won a bet to make a good-looking athlete superstar fall in love with a repugnant train wreck. Multiple members of the party can take on this challenge at the same time, but the objective must be completed individually. 
Completing the objective results in an automatic BFF +3 relationship status with Plainey. As a show of appreciation, she will give you a token that is redeemable to excuse a tardy, absence, or early release from one session of any Prismari class. Plainey also gifts a Painter’s Kit. 
Each clique has a hangout on campus. The DM may choose a location where cliques hang out. You may choose a place that your party frequents to increase the likelihood of interaction, or choose a hidden spot that your players have to work to discover. 
The Conquests are a group of Lorehold students who are more focused on conquests of romance than delving into history and archaeology. Membership is contingent on meeting strict athletic and appearance standards, which include twice-yearly body composition assessments and close reviews of performance during sports competitions. To put it plainly, if you want to be a Conquest, you have to be a hot jock. Most of the members play mage tower or silkball, but some are so dedicated to looking good that not only do they *work out at* the campus gym, they *work at* the campus gym. Looking good and keeping up the group’s reputation as the cream of the crop in the dating pool is a core requirement of anyone who joins or hopes to join the Conquests. It’s no surprise that their motto is, “We’re all that.” Getting into the Conquests is not easy. Surprisingly, initiation does not consist of taking a beating from a musclehead or being sent across campus in the buff (activities that they just do for fun). Instead, the Conquests require their new members to win a complex bet. The aspirant begins by choosing a hopelessly unattractive student as a target, who must then be deemed sufficiently hideous by the Conquests. The aspiring member must successfully arrange a makeover for the target, raise the target to an acceptable level of popularity, and ask them to attend the Magister’s Masquerade. On the night of the big dance, the Conquests reveal the whole thing was a bet and the aspiring member breaks up with the target, usually leaving them embarrassed and heartbroken. The undertaking can be months-long process of manipulation and deception, and the Conquests are known to change the rules and set difficult or time consuming demands on the aspirant to make things more interesting. Those who succeed do not get an initiation ceremony. The act of dumping the target is their initiation, and it’s likely that they’ve already bonded with the existing members over the course of their trial. New members take their place in Conquest history and keep the tradition alive by initiating the next year’s aspirants, ensuring the cycle of anguish continues. 
Flayke Smyler is a dragonborn pledgemage in his 3rd year. In Lorehold college, Flayke is a star athlete in both silkball and mage tower. For this reason, along with his good looks and powerful build, he is well known across the campus. Overly concerned with fame and popularity, Flayke eats up flattering words and pays no mind to anyone who isn’t willing to provide them. Even with his many fans, Flayke keeps his circle small to uphold the illusion of exclusivity. 
Extracurriculars: Intramural Silkball Club, Strixhaven Iron-Lifters Society
Job: None
Bond Boon: As you travel the campus, random students express appreciation and give you thank you cards for standing up to a bully.
Bond Bane: Faculty will hear reports of your romantic conquests and provide unwanted advice about the birds and the bees.
Reformed Bond Boon: The sports game announcer job becomes available to you. If you accept it, you're paid and extra 10 sp per pay period and everyone on campus recognizes you by your voice.
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2022.01.20 07:45 gherm4n J’en ai ma claque des « nouvelles » formes de discrimination qui finissent par -phobie

TLPL: il est important de réfléchir à la signification des mots et de ce qu’ils impliquent, plutôt que tous les mettre dans le même panier parce qu’ils se ressemblent.
Parce que je suis sûr que le citoyen moyen qui ne va pas prendre 2’ pour y réfléchir pensera que tous les mots qui finissent par « -phobie » se valent tous.
Maintenant il y a des gens qui pensent que « l’islamophobie » et l’homophobie se valent. (l’existence même du mot « islamophobie » me fait physiquement cringe, sûrement parce que je suis un ancien musulman qui viens d’une famille musulmane)
L’homophobie est le produit de la même façon de pensée qui mène au racisme et au sexisme par exemple, parce qu’une personne victime de ces façons de penser,
-est réduite à un trait caractéristique (couleur de peau, sexualité, sexe), donc peu importe ton comportement aussi exemplaire soit-il t’es juste réduit à ça
-qui lui a été assignée à la naissance donc qui ne dépend pas d’elle,
-qui ne peut pas être changé.
Tandis que tu ne naîs pas avec une religion, elle t’est imposée par ta famille quand t’es jeune, tu peux décider plus tard de changer de religion ou même d’en croire aucune (t’as bien raison), le seul point commun serait le fait que toi en tant qu’humain tu sois réduit à ça et là moi je pense qu’effectivement ce n’est pas bon, certes l’islam (comme ses deux sœurs abrahamiques) sont des idéologies homophobes mais pas tous les musulmans le sont donc je préfère écouter un musulman pour voir comment il pense avant de partir du principe qu’il pense comme ça juste parce qu’il est musulman.
Et maintenant y’a des nouveaux termes qui font surface style « grossophobie » et encore une fois, t’es pas une mauvaise personne parce que t’es gros ou une bonne personne parce que t’es mince, oui, mais ce n’est pas comparable avec l’homophobie, tu décides de tes habitudes alimentaires donc t’es responsable des changements au niveau de ton corps.
Tandis que si l’homosexualité était le produit d’une série de choix, je te garantis qu’aucun humain ne ferait ces choix, pas parce qu’il y a quoi que ce soit de mauvais à ce que deux garçons s’aiment mdr, mais parce que des milliers de gens (en occident) se font encore agresser dans la rue juste parce qu’ils se tiennent la main, alors qu’on a la chance d’habiter dans des pays où on a les mêmes droits que n’importe qui, mais surtout parce qu’il y a encore plus de 70 pays où je suis considéré comme criminel dont une dizaine où je serais condamné à la peine de mort putain de merde.
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2022.01.20 07:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Ditching fossil fuel subsidies can trigger unrest. Keeping them will kill the climate | CNN

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2022.01.20 07:45 swiftawaywithme POV: you open a r/popheads thread

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2022.01.20 07:45 ghostxhile I started to write out things I have done that I ashamed of, that I fear, that I have repressed and that which makes me angry - What are my next steps?

Starting to do some shadow work and have made a list of everything related to the shadow.
What should I do now?
Sorry if this is vague
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2022.01.20 07:45 Da85BearsMax23 What are some helpful tips for first time college students?

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2022.01.20 07:45 Shovan22 Is this person really in user support? I posted about not getting December payout, and he asked me to send him my wallet ID.

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2022.01.20 07:45 Rough-Vast-1314 Thus ended the great feud among the brothers..........

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2022.01.20 07:45 Hellcaster007 comment any of your passwords and I'll give you a candy 🍬

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2022.01.20 07:45 jadenLLJ Does anyone know what instrumental was used here? Or is it unknown?

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2022.01.20 07:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Nuggets acquire Bryn Forbes from Spurs in 3-team trade | FOX

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2022.01.20 07:45 famabro Sona top may still be viable.

With nerfed teleport, enchanters being op and recent discoveries of top lane enchanter lane dumping perma roamers; Dump your lane Janna pre 6 and Dump your lane Yuumi after 6 it may be time for Sona to go back there too.
Tear+2 potions, get pushed, farm, recall after 6 to buy boots, dark seal and spellthief. Dump your lane and perma fight, take objectives etc.
You can either go DH and take advantage of the Lich Bane's "buffs" or go the usual Moonstone support way.
I've tested it myself . I was okay with gold from spellthief and my level was basically the same as my teammates. All 3 games won btw.
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2022.01.20 07:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Alabama survives late rally, upsets No. 13 LSU | FOX

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2022.01.20 07:45 Immortal_Bs Supercell please tell us how many people liked this map . The more the likes the more chance of Corona ending 😂😂

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2022.01.20 07:45 zWillys LF: EVs Item FT: Item, Dex mons, Apriballs

Hello, I am looking for power items that increase pokèmon EVs during battles. I can give dex mons, 4+ IV Mons or other items. Just ask!
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2022.01.20 07:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Heat pull away late, top Trail Blazers without Kyle Lowry, Tyler Herro | FOX

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2022.01.20 07:45 Maxcactus The Mushroom Hunters

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