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We would be honored if you would join us

2022.01.20 08:54 luckafrei0117 We would be honored if you would join us

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2022.01.20 08:54 Emprotein Low Calorie Bread Recipe

Does anyone know of a low-calorie bread recipe (preferably gluten free but not necessary)? I know there are brands that sell low calorie breads but I was gifted a bread machine so I would like to try making my own.
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2022.01.20 08:54 inAbigworld Research about Worldline Valina (Android embedded) app development documentation or example getting data from sensors has got to dead end.

Anyone can introduce a reference?
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2022.01.20 08:54 bubbtee “What it looks like to win a standard weekend day”

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2022.01.20 08:54 Prize_Pie_4437 Is there any recent developments relative

To transferring items via an account wide stash/mailbox? I can’t imagine this not being a huge profit for Beth if monetized.
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2022.01.20 08:54 TheNinjaWhippet Dwellers in the Deep

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2022.01.20 08:54 Jarnhand Very basic questions about Minecraft and making new server worlds etc

Ok, so, lets say I wanted to try to make a new gamemode/map/mod/server, how do I do it?
First I use a world/map builder to make the world, correct (one or many options)?
Then I have to build and form the map by hand correct (buildings, caves etc)?
When that is done, how do I program the content (events, stories, cycles, resets etc)?
Can I set options so for example no one can destroy things (and select what can be destroyed)?
PS! I have done programming before, so I am not new to it, but I am pretty clueless about Minecraft, and many things I do not know...
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2022.01.20 08:54 SussyCheesake By Me, last year

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2022.01.20 08:54 NewsElfForEnterprise Charlotte ranks in top 10 U.S. cities for millennials to buy homes, report shows

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2022.01.20 08:54 absolutbrian Microsoft - Activision Blizzard Deal Thoughts

Microsoft - Activision Blizzard Deal Thoughts
Originally posted on my blog. Disclosure: I am long Activision Blizzard and Microsoft.
Big news in the gaming world. Microsoft (MSFT) agreed to buy Activision Blizzard (ATVI) in an all-cash deal valued at about $75 billion (net of cash $68b), or $95 per share . This is the largest gaming industry acquisition ever, which crushed the previous record established last week when Take Two bought Zynga for $11 billion. The deal is also Microsoft’s biggest ever.
Microsoft offered a 45% premium. This is a hefty premium compared to where ATVI traded in recent months, but ATVI traded at higher prices one year ago (52-week high $104). The recent scandals have hurt ATVI.
At the moment, ATVI trades ~$82 per share. This implies that the market is skeptical that the deal will close. There’s an arbitrage opportunity here. If the deal goes through, it offers a 16% upside. ATVI also distributes a small dividend once a year. Let’s discuss this arbitrage opportunity. .
Disclosure: I am long ATVI and Microsoft. I’ve been a shareholder of both companies before the announcement. I’m pleased with the offer. I’m biased. I don’t see the risk the market does and that’s the issue. It’s not the capacity to pay. Microsoft has the cash and won’t dilute shareholders. So it sounds like possible antitrust issues. Is there anything else I’m missing?
Here’s a brief background on both companies:
Activision Blizzard
It’s no secret that the company behind blockbuster games like Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo is going through a rough patch, to say the least. I’m not going to rehash everything that happened (years of sexual harassment, discrimination, and misconduct). But what happened and how it was handled is business/PR 101 on what not to do.
ATVI’s reputation is damaged. Talent is leaving. There’s probably more skeletons in the closet. Bobby Kotick built a great company, great games, and rewarded shareholders very well along the way. But Kotick mismanaged the crisis and lost the trust of the gamers, public, employees, and the market. We don’t have the full story. I suspect more internal problems, more culture and development issues with games. And it’s not just the scandal, ATVI has made some missteps in the past.
The thing is the scandal would have followed the company for a long time. These things don’t go away easily. The media and the Internet will keep bringing up. And if you underperform operationally, game quality and growth is affected, the pressure will just keep going up. Your culture might be so tainted that gamers don’t want to be associated with your games. A crisis like that would have taken years to fix and in the process possibly lose your competitiveness and sales. Who knows if the stock would ever recover.
With this background, I understand why ATVI accepted the $95 cash offer. It’s probably better that ATVI is under a different home. Fix the issues away from the public. It’s been reported that Kotick will leave if and once the deal closes. In a sense it gives him a graceful exit.
Microsoft has been making a lot of deals lately. WSJ reported that MSFT had long been interested in ATVI and had discussed a potential acquisition in the past.
If you are going to spend $75 billion for a business, you have big plans. It’s also telling of their gaming ambitions. For the last ten years MSFT has been boosting their gaming portfolio.
For the last ten years Microsoft has been boosting their gaming assets. Microsoft has been working on building the “Netflix” of gaming. A subscription based cloud gaming service. Cloud gaming is an emerging technology that allows people to stream games via nearly any internet-connected device (issue is that game requires a lot of data to run smoothly). And because Microsoft owns Azure, they have the cloud infrastructure to support such a strategy.
The strategy is to persuade gamers to abandon their expensive hardware and play on the cloud. If Microsoft could convert some of Activision’s close to 400 million monthly active users into subscribers, it could significantly bolster its cloud-game business.
I believe it comes down to antitrust. But because I’m set to benefit I don’t fully see the risk the market does. John Hempton from Bronte Capital brought up some of the same issues on a thread on Twitter. But I don’t see anything substantial in the Twitter comments. I share some of his views. Here’s what I think and please let me know what I don’t see:

I think the deal will go through. Let’s hear other views and why.
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2022.01.20 08:54 SpriggsJim Golden girl

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2022.01.20 08:54 keithdj13 my first CTA not bad?

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2022.01.20 08:54 rakster96 I got a high 2:2 (a couple percent away from 2:1) Should I put my grade and then (borderline 2:1 and my percentage) in the brackets like this on my cv next to my grade for the big 4 grad schemes and even other grad schemes that require 2:1?

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2022.01.20 08:54 KriegFreak18 10 Pallets + Bubba = ALT F4

Sorry bubba. i didnt mean to ruin your day.
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2022.01.20 08:54 deniss_1996 Thermalright True Spirit 120 Rev.B Plus CPU Air Cooler $29.25

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2022.01.20 08:54 Hold-My-Butterbeer “Covid isn’t deadly! Hospitals are euthanizing Covid patients to make the virus appear deadly!”

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2022.01.20 08:54 jsemhloupahonza what are your favorite CM PS cmdlets

We have CM deployed for about a year and it is pretty tedious clicking through the various wizards especially for windows updates so I am looking into automation with CM PS cmdlets. Anyone using them? What are your favorites?
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2022.01.20 08:54 savoy418 Asta being an idiot

I mean, why can't he just use the other 3 swords against Lucifero? Demon-Dweller and Demon-Slasher have the highest advantage since they can launch anti-magic slashes at distance, from which I think Lucifero can't defend too easily. First sword is not effective on him, because it relies too much on physical power, at which Lucy is more capable than Asta. And it can hardly release anti-magic at distance, only that whip, which is very hard to control.
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2022.01.20 08:54 spaceagon I got this amazing pull the other day

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2022.01.20 08:54 Greenma1n Where’s Myoga? We haven’t seen him all season. Did he disappear last season?

Last I remember Myoga was with Towa & Moroha when Towa first experienced her human form. I don’t remember what happened to him after that
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2022.01.20 08:54 Acceptable-Earth916 GROM & SAS Joined training in England. Early 90’ “Who dares wins!” [656x610]

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2022.01.20 08:54 Ralfop Snowflake Keychain Multi-Tool This snowflake-shaped tool is a stainless steel survival tool with 15 practical functions. It can be used as keychain, screwdriver, bottle opener, wrenches & more than you imagin e! Put this PORTABLE snowflake into your pocket for outdoor sports, camping, boarding,

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2022.01.20 08:54 crytoloover WTF Is Web3? My NFT, Crypto, and Influencer Marketing Moves In 2022

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2022.01.20 08:54 NewsElfForEnterprise Electric Automation Market Is Likely to Experience a Tremendous Growth in Near Future | Emerson, Honeywell, Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi

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2022.01.20 08:54 fatbitsh We don't do that here

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