Saw these and had to order a pair.

2022.01.21 01:23 Ssn772 Saw these and had to order a pair.

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2022.01.21 01:23 FaallenOon Better to restart or try to fix things?

I'm at what I think is the end game: I finished the game, have a somewhat stable production, but I still have many bottlenecks due to bad decisions early in the game; the fact I went for the no rare minerals, no foundations and no solar sail achievements probably has something to do with this.
I now want to get as many of the remaining achievements as possible -ie producing a gajillion of each matrix cube, etc-. However, I'm not sure if it'd be better for me to restart the game on infinite without the constraints of the solar sails etc., or if I should take what I have, do whatever adjustments are necessary, and keep hammering at it.
Any suggestions are 100% welcome.
Also, I haven't been following the news regarding the new buildings and technologies too closely, so I'm not sure whether I should use them or not, or even how to do so.
Of course, if you need further information, please let me know!
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2022.01.21 01:23 poomu Pierced nipples taste like house key funny memes

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2022.01.21 01:23 Bonus1Fact FBI Director Wray reassures ADL that agency is treating Colleyville incident as attack on Jewish community

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2022.01.21 01:23 Srianen All Hail The Wamp

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2022.01.21 01:23 10lizards Why am I shaking so much?

20f I’ve been on this diet for a month and I’m keeping track of my macros. Whenever I lift weights I start shaking really hard but I don’t feel weaker and I can still lift the same amount. I have an essential tremor so maybe it’s just getting worse, I hope this diet hasn’t exacerbated it.
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2022.01.21 01:23 minion71 Surfactant cloudy water

I have a question, it seems in Canada SLS is impossible to buy I tried SLSa, and it becomes really cloudy real fast when adding it. Is there a good alternative that won't make the water opaque?? I am thinking of using clear no perfume dawn soap. Because now because there is no surfactant there is only 1 giant blob.
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2022.01.21 01:23 spidersenses18 Girlfriend hates my ex female friends but doesn’t hate her roommate (her best friend) HELPPPP!!!!!!

So my girlfriend and I have been through ups and downs. I slept with one of my friends (girl A) way before my relationship with my current girlfriend. She didn’t like girl A and girl B ( Girl A and my mutual friend) She said that they were trying to ruin our relationship and were causing problems. So I stopped being friends with them out of respect for my girlfriend even when they said they didn’t want problems with my girlfriend. My girlfriend still gets mad if she sees them in public or if their name is mentioned by anyone. So a few moths go by and her roommate (her best friend) acted like she was cool with me/friends but I find out that she talked shit behind my back saying I was cheating on my current girlfriend and this was causing her to distrust me when i was remaining loyal. Eventually after months of this we finally get through everything and we’re still together, but one thing doesn’t sit right. She is still friends with her roommate and doesn’t mind her or have bad but still hates my ex friends for supposedly doing the same thing that her roommate did. Interested to hear your responses.
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2022.01.21 01:23 Logical-Candy-872 Crystalline Habitats

Is there an event coming up where I’ll be able to buy crystalline habitats? I have a bunch of them in my storage but no habitat space
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2022.01.21 01:23 Heishiro97 Looking to buy a GameShell. Built is fine, just has to be working. Thanks!

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2022.01.21 01:23 newvegasman6 Damn reddit do just allow people to say this

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2022.01.21 01:23 Shot-Palpitation-738 THICCC BOYZ 4EVA

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2022.01.21 01:23 cancersalesman Czernina

Hey all! As a proud Polish-American, I've been eating Czernina (for the uninitiated, Czernina is polish soup with Duck Blood broth, Duck, Prunes, and Raisins) all my life. I, thankfully, live in an area where there are a lot of polish people, so I've never had an issue getting the blood for the soup. However, according to Wikipedia, and my father, cow and pork blood can be substituted perfectly fine. I have never tried this, and as duck blood becomes harder and more expensive to find every year, I was wondering if these other bloods impart a significantly different flavor to the soup.
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2022.01.21 01:23 CHIT0WNASSASSIN I'm still in shock, ordered back in July. I was starting to think my build was never going to get pulled. Anybody with a hybrid how do you find it as far as power and capability in the snow?

I'm still in shock, ordered back in July. I was starting to think my build was never going to get pulled. Anybody with a hybrid how do you find it as far as power and capability in the snow? submitted by CHIT0WNASSASSIN to FordMaverickTruck [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 01:23 crytoloover How Withdraw from Coinbase ( Must Watch)

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2022.01.21 01:23 Sky_atticus What's your favourite NFT in Dubai?

Or in the Middle East in general...
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2022.01.21 01:23 Medical-Emu2639 【讨论】长沙麓山国际学生私闯民宅虐杀死猫

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2022.01.21 01:23 Next_Acanthocephala8 Sugar craving binge days

Hey guys what are some of the best ways to stop cravings for full out binge days, I eat clean chicken and rice, popcorn, protien bars, Greek yoghurt 6 days a week but around day7 I just crave nuggets, cheesecake, donuts, cookies, chocolate, burgers and eat them all in the same day resulting in around 10k kcal
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2022.01.21 01:23 Final_Gate_5613 [CHAT] 37/M 🇺🇸 Bored, anyone wanna chat me up before bedtime? 18+ M/F SC: manningfan5

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2022.01.21 01:23 synaesthezia Shimmer Party on Sunday at Priscilla’s house

Our beloved mayor Krystal has kindly offered to show me the finer details of shimmer powder as face makeup application this Sunday.
If you’d like to join us, bring some nibbles, and there will be cocktails (and mocktails).
All welcome!
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2022.01.21 01:23 BeeLocs89 10 days and Lil Man (Chubaca Chuee Chalupa) will be 12 weeks!!! Crazy how big hes gotten since we got him 2 weeks ago!!! 😍😍😍

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2022.01.21 01:23 Dori_the_pupper Don’t unplug your headphones!

Knocked my headphones out… plugged them back in and then I’m back at my Xbox home.
Pulled them and put back in on the menu screen, same thing.
I was playing a fun game. Heads up is all
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2022.01.21 01:23 DyMits Chemtech Dragon

I am a rengar main and chemtech dragon's terrain just kills of his leaping, is that ever gonna be fix? It just made me lose a game because of that even if I was fed.
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2022.01.21 01:23 deadly_titanfart Practicing but can't seem to get better in races

Joined 3 weeks ago and my irating is plummeting (610 IR). A lot of this I think is due to just trying to gain safety rating in rookies by starting from the pits but have been doing the TCR the last 2 weeks and still can't seem to gain. Normally I practice 2-5 hours on Mondays and Tuesdays and then race nightly with 30 min of practice before races. I can hot lap competitive times and even qualify pretty high but even though I can run the track for an hour without mistakes I make 1 or 2 mistakes that cost me in every race. For example, I was close to my first podium earlier today and on the last turn just spun out. Does anyone else suffer from this? For what its worth my SR is good just can't stop making tiny mistakes. Seems like every race I am losing IR
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2022.01.21 01:23 bishaarcc Do I have 10 days to buy the car after my lease over? or they will come my house and take the car

My CR-V lease is up and only 3 days left, Yesterday I requested the buyout package and it says this buyout is valid till 10 days from yesterday. I called Honda lease and the guy was telling me that you have 10 days after your lease finish to either buy or return the car.
Anyone has experience and knowledge about it please let me know. I'm trying to buy the car, BECU told me that they will give me the money but they need none expired tabs and registration, my tabs already expired and if I renew it today it will expire in Five days, so I want to wait 5 days then renew it then go to BECu and get the money from them. I'm worry that Honda my take my car since the lease will end in 3 days.
Is there such a 10 days prior after the lease?
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