2022.01.21 03:15 Wheyprotein200 Me_irl

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2022.01.21 03:15 Artistic-Disaster-66 candid a234 shorts blancos transp tanga

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2022.01.21 03:15 mikethespike056 [PC-XP][~2007-2012] Java(?) Puzzle game about a ball that you could throw around a grid with catapults/trampolines.

Platform: Windows XP. I'm 99% sure it was a browser game because that PC never had any games actually installed.
Genre: Puzzle Game
Year of release: Could be anywhere from 2006 to 2012, but I'm betting on somewhere in the middle, like 2009-2011.
Notable Characters: The Ball...? It's not even a character. No face. No dialogue. Just a regular metallic looking ball.
Camera: Kinda like the one in Clash of Clans. I tried my best to replicate it in a drawing.
Objective: So you basically had this ball and an empty grid to play with. You could add stuff like catapults and trampolines to make the ball move around the grid. Those are the only objects I remember but there was definitely more stuff to play with. I can't remember if there were any actual maps/levels or if it was just an empty sandbox.
Art style: Very colorful. Simplistic. Low end. I don't remember seeing any pixels. I think the ball was kinda dark and metallic, and I remember seeing a lot of red and yellow in the "modules" you could put on the grid. The grid was kinda grey I think, but honestly I can't remember.
Drawing I made
This is a good example of the concept of the game and maybe the colorful art style.
Any help is appreciated! This was probably the first videogame I ever played and it would be a shame to never see it again :(
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2022.01.21 03:15 AppointmentCritical Need the card replaced with a gold card (details in comment)

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2022.01.21 03:15 pseudo__pandit Yo grandma is alive !!

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2022.01.21 03:15 ArcticMuser Is there someone in Seattle USA that could do a RGB mod on Sony 14N5U?

Hello. I'm the idiot who thought all PVMs had RGB and impulse bought the Sony 14N5U. My goal was to use VGA->RGB cables to hook my mister up to it. After I realized my mistake, I saw that an RGB mod was an option.
However, with zero soldering experience, I doubt I could even get started without breaking the TV. I live in the Seattle area and was hoping I could pay some on to help me. Or, if anyone has any more guides on the topic, that might help me understand it better.
Thanks for taking the time to read.
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2022.01.21 03:15 Nohan07 Soldes : début catastrophique pour les commerçants en Occitanie

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2022.01.21 03:15 l3l_aze First hundo and first Shadow hundo. *chef's kiss*

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2022.01.21 03:15 Academic__Wave Why bd7 was best move ?

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2022.01.21 03:15 Subject-Ad762 Anyone know her name ? BJ on AFREECA

Anyone know her name ? BJ on AFREECA
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2022.01.21 03:15 Makemelaughoutloud 53 [f4r] Trying this again!

Calling all night owls on the east coast 🇺🇸. I overdid it again with the caffeine. Good thing I’m off tomorrow. If you’re still awake and looking for a clean chat before sleep, stop by and say hello. Tell me what made you smile today 😊
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2022.01.21 03:15 shwarmaandfalafel I dreamt of my alive but had dementia grandfather and my dead dog? Just a dream?

I have always been scared of death and what happens to my loved ones when they die but the last couple of months have especially been scary. I dreamt of my grandfather bringing my childhood dog to me, and me kneeling down to let her kiss my cheek. The whole time I was asking, “if this is a sign that the afterlife is real, let me know, please let me know.” Does anyone have an opinion on this?
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2022.01.21 03:15 imgprojts "Senior Prius" data logger is coming along...

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2022.01.21 03:15 ceciqv 214일 - 아는 사람이 쓴 노래

노래를 쓴 사람이 알아도 노래가 나쁘다면 노래를 듣나? 사람은 친구라면 듣나?
오늘 내 친구가 나한테 노래를 듣게 했는데 좋지 않은 노래인 것 같았다. 게속 듣기 싫어서 그만하자고 했다. 그런데 내 친구의 친구가 그 노래를 쓰게 됐다. 미안하긴 하지만 더 들을수록 그 노래를 더 싫어할 것 같다. 그래도 나쁜 사람처럼 느꼈다.
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2022.01.21 03:15 arandomcarguy Made an Auradin for patch 2.4.

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2022.01.21 03:15 Chcanek Swaping BTC to GRLC on freiexchange takong forever

So i bought another garlic. However i only got about 30% of the amount i swaped btc for and the rest is still “in orders”. Its been almost 8 hours at this point. My BTC balance is slowly going down and my grlc is geting up but it takes way too long. Does anyone has a simmiliar issue?
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2022.01.21 03:15 UMichStudy Participants Needed: Gender, Religion and Technology Study

Hello! I am a master's student from the University of Michigan, School of Information. Looking for married or individuals in long-term live-in relationships living in India for a research study about the impact of religion and technology on romantic relationships.
The interview (remote, via Zoom) takes 60 - 90 minutes and you will be compensated 1000 Rs. for your time.
If you are interested in participating, please take this survey to check eligibility and view the consent form to be filled out: Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary.
We're currently scheduling participants from now until the end of January. If you are eligible for the research, and you have provided contact information, we will contact you about setting up the interview.
If you have any questions regarding the study or the survey linked above please contact me at [](
Thank You!
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2022.01.21 03:15 Comfortable-Cause986 Winnie chose her king 👑

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2022.01.21 03:15 business_cat277353 Top Text

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2022.01.21 03:15 Chemicaltrain15 The borders are having an off day

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2022.01.21 03:15 electriclear What sounds excite you?

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2022.01.21 03:15 o0genesis0o Dunu Titan S review: A great way to begin your IEM journey.

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2022.01.21 03:15 Crafty_Avocado5346 ao rated games

Ok i don't get it they let girls suck on their microphones wear next to nothing in baby pools and jacuzzi's on cam and a game is not acceptable and gets banned something is wrong here.i find a real person more offensive in this when twitch was made for gamers it's bs. and twitch should not allow these strippers use the platform bouncing there boobs and showing ass to get subs it's a game if it is rated 18+ and sexual content then it should be fine
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2022.01.21 03:15 pm3104 The lifts at Southern Cross Station are a meme

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2022.01.21 03:15 GANDALFzeBLACK Cults & Keepers - New collection on Polygon Network, find them on OpenSea!

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