Kyle Anderson : All Possessions (2022-01-17)

2022.01.20 08:21 nf_highlights Kyle Anderson : All Possessions (2022-01-17)

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2022.01.20 08:21 jinsoulfeen What are your favorite kind of videos to watch on youtube?

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2022.01.20 08:21 Re5p [Revolut] - Earn ~35€ with referral bonus 5 days left

Earn ~35€ with referral bonus.

  1. register
  2. validate your identity
  3. add money to your account
  4. pay min. 3 times (min. ~2.80€ per each)
referral link
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2022.01.20 08:21 assemblyproject Uchida Maaya 内田真礼 - aventure bleu Guitar Cover By Jirawat Phumpattanachai

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2022.01.20 08:21 General_Dust_4471 Why did Oden dance in the streets??

I could never get what convinced or drove him to do that..
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2022.01.20 08:21 42points DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION.

Hi Shibes,
Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. YOU ARE DOGECOIN!
I just want to quickly remind people that this subreddit does have a tipbot where you can give each other dogecoins.
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Yesterday's daily discussion post:
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2022.01.20 08:21 RubberDinghyRapids00 Yet another Medium post trying to discredit Nida - from a Doctor that I can't find any credentials for
This article spews the same nonsense and is an obvious continuation of a whitewash of Nida's alleged statements.
What makes matters worse is that the article is signed off as a "Doctor", which in my opinion, is another tactic used by these Jamaat stooges to give credibility to the article/author.
Sickening levels of deceit in my opinion.
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2022.01.20 08:21 nf_highlights Matt Thomas 13 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-17)

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2022.01.20 08:21 throwaway467854456 I were to go on a mod hate spree on r/facepalm would I get banned?

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2022.01.20 08:21 crundar Does it look like Lawrence got some work done?

It's been a while since I watched his show on TV. But something looks "different", but I couldn't tell you what. Anyone else notice? Know what it is?
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2022.01.20 08:21 Lalit_Kumar1020 Sant Rampalji Maharaj App

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2022.01.20 08:21 Mynewsify-Website Los Angeles suspects steal from Lululemon store, lead police on chase: reports, FOX News : U.S.

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2022.01.20 08:21 Wanking-Off Send me everything

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2022.01.20 08:21 Digity28 Not surrendering games like this should be a bannable offence (1-3 days)

47 to 8 kills at 19 Enemy team were ahead by 12k gold at 15 mins, enemy jg and supp were a duo literally living in my jg since lvl 1 (naut was lvl 1 in 4 mins busy killing me over and over) People that don't ff games like this are not trying to win, they just make sure the game goes for as long as possible while soft griefing making sure we cant actually make a comeback.
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2022.01.20 08:21 sas_gg228 Do t

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2022.01.20 08:21 nf_highlights Xavier Tillman : All Possessions (2022-01-17)

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2022.01.20 08:21 Roussalvation Two months in, I think it's going quite well. What do you guys think?

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2022.01.20 08:21 TheEminenceInShadow yoga pants or leggings, don't know don't care. just a wide eyed stare

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2022.01.20 08:21 Scared-Moose-2018 ISO Road Trip Advice with Young Children

My partner and I just bought a tent trailer. This summer, we are planning to take it from Ontario to Nova Scotia, roughly a 20 hour drive.
We will be travelling with our two kids, who at that time will be 4 and 1 year old. The 4 year old is great with 2 hour drives at a time already and has done a couple 5/6 hour drives already. So far the baby sleeps well during hour long car drives.
To any parents who have done something like this... Any advice? My hope is to start driving maybe 8/9am every morning for 5-6 hours with breaks, but trying to figure out how long it might actually take us to get to Nova Scotia. We are visiting family there so that's the main point of the trip.
Also any other tips on a tent trailer with young kids in general?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.20 08:21 AlliterateAlso Danka Kovinic d. Emma Raducanu 6-4 4-6 6-3 in R2 of the AO

Interesting match played against a backdrop of the Meddy-Kyrgios barnburner.
Emma called a MTO after the third game, got treated for blisters on her fingers or palm, and spent most of the match hitting only sliced forehands. It was fascinating to watch her develop the shot and how to use it. She'd probably have done better to stick with it more in the third, when she started hitting more topspin again, but a less pace than usual. Her serve pace was down to around 140kph for large parts of the match.
(Mods please don't delete, I removed the first post because autocorrect got Danka's name.)
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2022.01.20 08:21 solosaulo Daddy’s usual, Saturday afternoon, backyard roast! And frisk!

Here is my contribution to this sub (characters 18+):
Daddy’s usual, Saturday afternoon, backyard roast! And frisk!
Hope the neighbours ... DO see!
When I was younger, we lived beside this sexy, hairy daddy and his wife (who never had kids), whom had a pool in their backyard.
Our backyard had nothing in it, despite me begging my parents if we could also have a pool. My parents said that since I am an only child, it wasn’t very practical to install an expensive pool for just ONE KID. Plus, my parent's are water-phobic. And since they left me home alone a lot, they were always afraid if we had a pool. That I would ultimately drown in it.
So, it was always a jealous time for me every summer. When I would sit on the porchsteps in my backyard. And hear the sounds of other kids frolicking and laughing in the pool of my neighbour, since he and his wife would often babysit their nieces and nephews often, and they would have a lot of fun in their backyard pool.
Later on, when I was 18, I no longer yearned to have a pool myself. That would just be selfish on my parents, and my parents always said they never got me a pool since we were going to move houses one day anyways. But I always thought while our neighbours don’t have kids themselves - they still got a pool for their own use.
I think as a child, I was a being that was just meant to be in water like a male mermaid. And the year that I was 18, we had the hugest heat wave our State had ever experienced. That was the summer that my parents went on vacation. And left me all alone at home. They said I was 18, and could manage being alone. They just asked the sexy hairy daddy, next-door-neighbour, to watch over me once in a while.
The first day my parents left, and were on their flight, my next-door-daddy-neighbour rang our doorbell earlier in the afternoon, and invited me over to dinner at his house later that evening. He said it was his job to look after me, and since dad and mom were gonna be gone for a full two months, he wanted to know that WHATEVER I needed, I could count on him.
My next-door-daddy-neighbour had seen me grow up the last 10 years, and seen how I turned into a young and handsome gentlemen. Over dinner at his house, he looked at me in a certain way. He said because of the heatwave, that he was willing to open up his pool again, and I could come over anytime to cool off, since it was forecasted to be weeks of scorching hotness.
He told me that (now) with his wife being passed away. And the nieces and nephews older now and not visiting as much. He hasn’t opened up his pool for several summers. He said he would really like to open it up again, since he likes to sun tan, and likes the sound of the pool waters next to him. He said he needs my help though.
So. This summer finally. In my 18th year. I finally got to live out that childhood desire of being a male mermaid. And I sure did use my neighbour's pool a lot. It was pretty simple. If he was there sun tanning on his deck, I would just shout over the fence saying I’m coming over for a swim. He gave me a key to his backyard side door, and I also could come whenever I wanted if he was not there.
Every week he would invite me to his house for dinner as well. He would ask me how my part time job was. How my friends were. He kind of hinted to me that I was the son he never had. That kind of made me feel uncomfortable. Also he looks at me a certain away every time I get in and out of his pool, and my body is dripping down with water …
One night, my next-door-daddy-neighbour allowed me to taste alcohol for the first time. Which I did! And it was delicious! I ended up passing out on the patio chair on the pool of his deck, but found by the morning time, that I was sleeping in one of my neighbour’s spare bedrooms. Since. I guess he had carried me all the way upstairs. And put me there for the night. And I ain't a light boy/young man …
I stopped going over to my neighbour’s pool for some time. Since I started getting weird vibes whenever I went there. Yet the mermaid in me still thrives for the feel of water on my body. I look out my bedroom window sometimes. Where I can directly stare into my neighbour's backyard. And the water from the pool. With its glistening waves. Reflect sparkles of light directly up to my window. And even creates dancing beams of sunlight on my bedroom wall sometimes … WHICH CALL TO ME ...
I am still obliged to go over for one our weekly dinners at my neighbour's house. My parents heard I was going over there, and like the fact I was being checked up on and watched over, and was eating right.
Another time, he allowed me to taste alcohol again, which as young man, I could not resist. But this time, my neighbour got way more plastered than I. We were talking about all sorts of random adult stuff, and then sort of wandered into a more deeper conversation. I, as a teenager. Was not really aware of 'adult' subjects, but can at least understand the basic emotions of it.
My neighbour started crying, saying he really missed the presence of the day-to-day of his now dead wife, and was pretty much lonely in his life. I started to feel less afraid of hanging around with my next-door-daddy-neighbour, and found myself hugging my neighbour as he sobbed over and over. Burying his head into my shoulders. I felt his pain, even though it was much for me.
So. Feeling comortable again. I started to go back to swimming in his pool regularly. I think things are alright this summer! My employer wants me to do more and more shifts at work now. So Saturday is really my day off now to relax. I can’t wait to take a dip in the pool and wash away all my week’s stress.
Lately. On the days I can’t use my neighbour’s pool since I have to work, I look out the window at the pool, and often see my my next-door-daddy-neighbour sunbathing NUDE. And sometimes touching his penis. Even as an 18 y.o., I ain’t stupid, and I’ve seen men do that before in public or semi-public. I know it's called jerking off. And I do that a lot too as an 18 y.o. Although I haven’t lost my virginity yet. And that’s why I need to jerk off constantly. Duh to that!
So on my Saturday off, I’m planning to go use neighbour daddy’s pool. I wake up around 10 am, look out my window to see if neighbour daddy is already there, catching the morning rays. He’s lying down, and occasionally sipping some coffee. He's playing with himself like regular. I peer out of my window from my house's second floor. Getting slightly aroused myself.
I get aroused from the fact that I am SPYING on him. I don’t think neighbour daddy knows I can see what I can - all the way from the view of my bedroom window. I’ve been pretty horny as an 18 y.o. lately. Mostly I jerk to straight porn. But lately, I’ve been watching some daddy-and-son GAY vids ...
I’ve been INTRIGUED by that dynamic lately. It all started when I held neighbour daddy in his arms that night at his house, after dinner. I’ve been indifferent to men's bodies up until that time.
When I felt his next too mine. And we were both shirtless by the pool that evening. I felt his bare body against mine. Something about the alcohol in my teenage body that night. Making me feel free. Enjoying the pool waves frolicking gently, and the effects of that spectacular night pool lighting. Me feeling always connected to that water. Me feeling safe and at peace cuddled with neighbour daddy's body. Made me feel so Goddam GOOD ...
I still have the virginal urge to fuck girls and want to try that out. But when I was with neighbour daddy, it felt all about BEING JUST HORNY. You know ... just me feeling horny caused me to feel horny! And all the way from my bedroom window. Just spying on my neighbour daddy’s boner in his backyard was STIMULI for me just to be horny.
First of all. I never knew another man's dick. Especially an OLDER MAN'S 53 y.o. dick. Could actually look that BEAUTIFUL. And for a 53 y.o. man. If HE. Could get that random feeling of being publicly horny outside while sunbathing ... then that is just something normal in men in general. And that it was OK for me to also be horny WHENEVER. In fact, all the time …
My general state of horniness led me to the daddy and (18+) teenage boys videos. These young dude's horniness was often expressed by a young guy needing to satisfy daddy's hard cock and daddy's DEEP. And CARNAL URGES. And that the young guy often drove daddy wild and made him cum. The young boy was like a sexual trigger for daddy. He had to take daddy’s cock in his young mouth. Or up the ass, with the ultimate goal of making daddy cum hard. Then daddy would return the favour, and either jack off the young dude's dick, or take his dick in his older mouth. With my limited knowledge and experience in sex, this is how I knew. Or 'learned' through porn ... how it was to be done ...
As I looked out my window longingly at neighbour daddy, I saw him get up from lying on his patio chair, touching himself, and occasionally sipping on his cup of morning coffee while at it.
He stands up tall. Very masculine. His back is towards me. I see his big fat daddy ass. He looks off into the distance somewhere. Sipping on his coffee. He frisks himself again. Then he turns around unexpectedly ...
And from my window, I can see him looking towards our house. He sips his coffee some more. Touches himself some more. I'd seen his boner as he frisked it while relaxing in the patio chair before. Now I see how it looks, stiff, standing tall like he is, while in his very masculine standing position. And it looks even more resilient and vibrant with life - than as it looked when he was lying down. It's like an aircraft hovering in the air, I thought. He puts his coffee mug up to his lips again, and sips. And this time, I know it was just by chance and accident - that his eyes move SKYWARD ... and he sees me staring down at him from my bedroom window ... as he stares up at me at the same time ...
I thought he saw that I had caught him! I really did! But instead. My neighbour daddy doesn’t turn around to make his back face me again, and cover me from seeing his perfect outdoor boner. He continues to sip his cup of coffee, the focus of his eyes tilted upwards towards my direction. He lowers his coffee cup from his lips. Looks STRAIGHT AT ME. Not having any particular facial expression. Yet our eyes have definitely locked! A good 10 seconds pass as we look into each other's eyes. Even at such a far distance from each other's houses. Then he turns his back finally to me. Gets back down on his patio chair. Opens up his newspaper. And begins to read ...
I am 100% sure we made eye contact!!! Yet I am still so caught off guard that this really did happen, since I am SURE he saw me staring at him from my window.
My boner for him quickly deflates as I am suddenly overcome by a wave of nervousness. Yet I KNOW what I need to do get myself back up again. I NEED to do what was done in the daddy-son videos. I TRULY think daddy was waiting for me in his patio chair - that I have seen him completely naked in many times.
Normally. When I am over at his for swim. He’s decent enough to wear some swim shorts or at least be in a towel.
But THIS TIME. If I went over there. I would catch him in the outdoor buff.
So ... I storm out of my house. I fly down the staircase of my house. Get out the fucking front door. Slam it shut. I rush to neighbour daddy's side backyard door. I struggle with the key to open it. They key he gave me so I can access his pool anytime I wanted.
This time. I was trying to access DADDY. Plain and simple. Daddy sees that I am rushing to get in. But he quickly folds his newspaper hapharzardly, and tries to cover his cock with the paper. I snag the newspaper out of his hands. And throw it to somewhere on the deck. The set of backyard door keys I toss onto this round patio side table beside his chair where his coffee mug is set down. Just like how I had seen the little twink in the video do, I take neighbour daddy's hard cock once hidden under newspaper in my hand, and plunge it in my mouth.
This is my first time tasting a man's cock. DADDY COCK, in fact. It tastes pretty very good actually. Like my first taste of alcohol. Which gets me drunk very fast. My first taste of daddy cock and the feeling of this type of human man meat in my mouth - gets me a HIGH and a thrill I never encountered, EVER!!! It also gets me horny as I expected. And as I feel my neighbour's real boner inside my mouth ... I feel my own boner developping strong. And confidently in my teenage boxers.
My next-door-daddy-neighbour is actually COMPLETELY CAUGHT OFF GUARD that I am downing his dick! That my mouth. Lips. And tongue. Are actually in REAL CONTACT with his real, hard. Fleshy. Warm, and supple one.
Daddy neighbour had JUST shown me his perfect erection from faraway in his backyard. As I stood infront of my bedroom window. He was being a pervert and a public exhibitionist like that.
He was feelin' himself as he got his daddy-tan-on. He just didn't know. His beautiful erection. Would be MY IMPETUS. To truly make me act on it!!!
Daddy would have never thought in a million years. That showing off his perfect erection. Would cause me to keep it all nice and perfect. IN MY MOUTH. Daddy's beauty had NO TIME to deflate. Do you know how fast I ran down the staircase of my house. And into his backyard. JUST to get to it.
He kept on telling me: Don't do that boy ... don't do that boy ... you're only 18 ...
But his boner cannot deny my young mouth on it. It's hard rigidity. And BEAUTY. In my mouth. Is all too evident ...
... He gets up from the lying positioning as I suck him, and sits upright on the side of the patio chair so I can really get inbetween his legs. He's breathing heavily, which lets me know what I am doing to him is a good and welcome thing. Soon, he is struggling to take off my boxers. Struggles off my shirt as well. And sees down below. I'm just as hard as he is.
I jack myself off as my mouth gets Neighbour Daddy off at the same time. Daddy realizes this is totally consentual. As I jack myself ferociously. He realizes that I'm actually using his beautiful dick. And it's sensation in my mouth. Ultimately. To get MYSELF OFF. And that I really NEED this for myself. As a young, HORNY, consenting young 'boy'. And soon. Daddy starts to warn me. As his breathing accelerates. And becomes deeper ...
Neighbour Daddy: You know what happens next, right??? You're 18, right??? I don't need to tell you, right??? You don't have to taste it. If you don't want to. I don't want you to taste something you don't want.
I stop sucking daddy just for a moment. To answer him: What does it taste like???
Neighbour Daddy: Each man tastes different. If you don't like it. Just spit it out. Is this your first time doing this to another man???
(I nod my head).
All the while. I was still jacking myself. Staring. And admiring daddy's totally beautiful erection. Bopping. And bouncing. DANCING practically infront of me. As it was out of my mouth. I was just saw AWSTRUCK at just the sight of daddy's spectacular rigidity. All slimed-up by my own spit. That I just simply came in my fist. And daddy saw it.
Neighbour Daddy: Oh fuck ...
(I splatted all of myself onto his patio deck. Underneath his patio chair. And my streams went far. That's how much I was horny for my neighbour-dad. And dad saw it all).
Neighbour Daddy: OK. Let's stop this now. Let's take a break. We wen't too far. Your parents are going to kill me for this. I thought we would just be friends this summer. Good neighbours, ya know??? I'm way too old.
(But even after FULLY CUMMING. I'm still so Goddam Horny. And I tenderly. And gingerly. Get back on daddy's dick ...).
Neighbour Daddy: Have you ever even been with a girl before???
(With dad in my mouth. I shake my head no).
Neighbour Daddy: Oh fuck! You're FIRST TIME IS WITH ME??? A MAN???
(While with dad in my mouth. I nod my head yes. And daddy's breathing. Gets even DEEPER. And more uncontrollable ...).
Neighbour Daddy: OK. It's about to come now. You take just as much as you can take ... or want. I don't know how much I got in there (really heavy breathing now) ... it's ... been ... fucking ... 5 ... days ... since ... I ... I ... ughhh ... ughhh ... ahhh ... AHHH!!!!!!
I never experienced another man exploding in my mouth before. Just from the twink and dad vids online that I saw though. I learned you don't lift your head off of it. Until the last of the pulsations have ceased. And the heavy breathing finally subsides.
Daddy gripped both arm rests of the patio chair with a powerful force. Preferring to grip his chair. Rather than the back of my head. With my mouth attached to it for the 5 minute orgasm that ensued. It was like he was refraining from touching me at all. As he pulsated in my mouth. Letting me take as much of him as I wanted. I was in TOTAL CONTROL of how much of his orgasm and eruption that lasted in my mouth. Whether I stayed on to the end. To the last drop. Or bobbed up for air during mid-throbs of his juice. If it was too much of a mouthful for me. Whether my lungs got too clogged up ...
That summer. I grew up. And learned a lot.
I did not only lose the virginity of my mouth. But my full one.
Even though it was with another guy. And a much older one.
That summer. I swam free like the male mermaid I was in neighbour daddy's pool whenever I wanted to. And enjoyed the swimming pool that my parents deprived me from as a kid. I knew. I could always find some sort of escape. If I looked for it.
I still was curious about fucking girls, and I learned to top my neighbour daddy while watching straight porn, and to pretend I was fucking pussy. I also learned how to make delicious, baked pasta ... which my next-door-daddy-neighbour taught me how to make. During the rest of our summer TOGETHER. So that I would have plenty of left-overs always, and a ready-made lunch for my shifts at work ...
I learned so much that summer. I smoked my first cigar which almost scorched my throat alive late one Saturday evening. Sitting with neighbour daddy on the deck by his pool.
He held me in his arms out there in that summer heatwave. Clearly felt. Even in the evening periods. He could not stop giving me kisses on my young cheeks. Although I have no knowledge of adult things being an older teenager. I finally got to know what he meant when I was the 'son' he never had. And I finally realized that my universe was not just being a male mermaid with unlimited pool access. I came to know the universe of the bedroom. And of intimacy.
... That not only did a man's body could provide me with that horny feeling. But that I could sleep beside such a masculine being as well. In a bed. Since I slept over at neighbour daddy’s a lot. Especially after drinking. And sometimes he would even come over to our house. Parents-free. On vacation. I would show him some of the new vids I was watching on my computer. We would get turned on. We would flip-flop-fuck. Then we would both crawl into my small. Teenage-boy's bed. And fall asleep exhausted.
In fact. The day my parents came back from vacation. My next-door-daddy-neighbour and I were supposed to drive to the airport to pick them up. That morning. I woke up with my neighbour daddy in MY BED. At OUR house. It was the last night he spent there in my bedroom with me. Now that my parents are back home from vacation. BUT! Now. I always have HIS bedroom to go to. And HIS pool. To hang out at.
Throughout the years. All throughout college. My parents always wondered why I never had gf.
I never answered them.
They asked me honestly if I had already lost my virginity. And that it was totally OK if one day. I wanted to bring a girl back home. And do 'stuff' with her. Just to use a condom.
I told them I was shamefully still a virgin.
(Little did they know. Between 18-23 years old. For 5 years. I used a 53 y.o. man. Our next door neighbour. To fulfill all my young sexual needs. Sometimes I would come back home. After spending an hour or two at Daddy Neighbour's. Totally sexually satisfied. My load left at my neighbour's house. In his 53 y.o. ass. Or the recent aftertaste of his. Still sour in my mouth. As I sat at the kitchen table. Talking to mum about life stuff. Over a cold ice tea ...).
But before that. That summer. When my parents got mad at me. And asked why our backyard lawn was completely burnt yellow. Since I was in charge of turning on the sprinkler. Which I never did that summer. Since I was at neighbour's so often. And I just forgot ...
I told my parent's. First of all. The grass just couldn't hold up to the scorching heatwave that year. And there was no point in watering the grass of such an ugly backyard with no pool. No gardens. Nothing. Nobody even spent any quality time in such a dismal backyard environment anyways.
... But dad and mum asked me then why I had such a SCORCHING TAN that particular summer. They thought I had been using the backyard a lot. Suntanning or something. Relaxing outdoors.
They just don't know. I HAD BEEN outdoors a lot that summer. Just not in our own useless backyard. But always naked. In someone else's. And it was easy to get an outdoor tan like that. Head to toe. And never suffering too much from the unbearable heatwave. Since I had access to cool water always. Fit for a majestic male mermaid. Who loved diving into divine water whenever he wanted. Alongside his King Titan. Who swam alongside him for most of that summer. If they weren't sunbathing every part of their bodies on the pool deck. Except their dicks. Hidden from the burning glare of sunlight for large periods of time. Being instead. Lodged and plugged into each other's ...
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2022.01.20 08:21 nf_highlights Lauri Markkanen 14 PTS 6 REB: All Possessions (2022-01-17)

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2022.01.20 08:21 Mynewsify-Website First contactless aid flights arrive in disaster-hit Tonga as islands aim to keep Covid out, – RSS Channel – World

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2022.01.20 08:21 DuckIllustrious12 Customer called me "slow," now I'm crying lmao.

Currently in the staff room having a lil cry after a customer described me as "slow."
I am at work while sick, I have a disability which does impact me neurologically, I'm on my fourth week working in a new store and didn't immediately know where a product was.
He called me "slow" because I told him to have a great day twice in one conversation with him at the till.
I'm tired, boss.
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2022.01.20 08:21 ThePolaroidPup amon?!?!?!?!?!

amon?!?!?!?!?! submitted by ThePolaroidPup to ShitpostXIV [link] [comments]